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One More Blow of The Virus – Deutschland Tour Was Cancelled This Year

how corona affects sport

The largest multi-stage cycling event in Germany was cancelled this year by the German government to control the situation with coronavirus pandemic. The first Deutschland tour was held in 1911, more than a century ago. Although Germany doesn’t have a rich road cycling history, the Deutschland Tour became the national symbol of cycling for Germans.

Massive cycling events are considered as mass events with a lot of people included – racers and spectators not mentioning the service stuff and municipal workers who are involved.

Deutschland tour goes through city districts and requires total restriction of movement of cars and pedestrians. Such restrictions could cause serious problems for the city’s inhabitants in actuality of a coronavirus pandemic. For example, ambulances wouldn’t be able to be on time to provide emergency care.

Tour’s organizers are working now on the postponement of the Deutschland Tour ‘till next August. 2020 is the 30th anniversary of the German Reunification so this year’s Deutschland Tour must have been an emblematic event for all Germans. Although such postponement has caused wide disappointments among the public and authorities everyone understands that health comes first.

City administrations of the entire Republic have shown as large interest and enthusiasm in hosting the next Deutschland Tour in August 2021.

The Deutschland Tour connects many German cities and regions in one during the race. Although the Deutschland Tour wouldn’t be taken this year athletes and organizers are hoping for the best and keep optimistic.

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