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New York Bike Races: NYC Cycling Clubs, NYC Cycling Events and Maraphones

New York Bike Races: NYC Cycling Clubs, NYC Cycling Events and Maraphones

Bicycling is a respected and popular activity in the United States and Europe. From March to October, more than 50 outdoor races take place in many countries around the world. Some of them, such as the Vuelta a España or the Tour de France, last three weeks, during which participants cover 9,000 to 15,000 miles. So how did local bike racing begin in New York City? In the beginning, of course, was the bicycle.

A nineteenth-century bicycle of the simplest design – no brakes, single-speed – and it immediately began to be raced. By the way, Madison Square Garden was originally built as an arena for NYC bicycle events. In fact, it is the oldest American velodrome, where proto-track bicycles were raced. During the 20th century came world championships, pumped-up cans and torn chains, the first doping and drugs, world records, and other trappings that go along with big sports. Parallel to the development of bicycle and bicycle traffic, bicycle courier services developed in large cities.

Just as at the end of the 19th century and today, a bicycle courier in big cities is the fastest way to get a stack of documents or a small parcel from point A to point B. Bicycle couriers turned out to be in demand in the world’s main business city of New York (and other major cities on the east coast of the US, and Canada for example, Toronto), and around the 80s the first bike messengers appeared. It was the desperate guys who raced around the city delivering packages. Bicycle couriers from New York, wanting to find out who is the toughest rider, began organizing bike races in New York of the Alleycat format, which means point-to-point racing, simulating the daily routine of a courier. The first bike race in NYC was held in the late 1980s and was called “Alleycat”, after which this format of bicycle races began to be called Alleycat. Before the start participants are given a list of addresses to visit and possibly perform some task on the spot or take a parcel to the next address. But don’t confuse Alleycats with bike quests, which take place in city parks and streets.

The alleycat is a tough and driving event that requires not only the rider’s skill to ride in dense urban traffic but also knowledge of the city. There are no rules, except that you have to visit all the points in the minimum time. Races do not agree with the city authorities, there is no blocking of streets, and the fastest and best knowledge of the city racer wins. And takes the prize – the sum of all participants’ entry fees. This is the story of how NY bike racing started in New York, and we’ll go on to tell you what cycling races exist now and what cycling clubs NYC are accepting new members.

NYC Cycling Clubs: Join Them Now!

If you’re just getting started in cycling and thinking about participating in a cycling event, we have great news for you, because New York City is the top 1 city for the number of different cycling events in the entire country! Although you need to get a license, then make a club membership and register, it will not be difficult, because there are special clubs and organizations. They help newcomers enter the life of professional riders on the streets of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world-New York City. Well, read the next information and start checking the websites of the clubs, as it may be a bike race in New York City today.

NYC Club Century Road Association

NYC Club Century Road Association

The most popular and largest cycling organization among all NYC cycling clubs is the Century Road Club Association or CRCA for short. The beginning of this organization was in 1898. Today, it has almost 1000 members. All members are eligible to ride in a series called the Club Ride Series, which has 12 races in Central Park. If you’re not a member, you can’t participate in the races, but fortunately, it’s easy to become a member. To be a full CRCA member, you must pay the $100 registration fee, fill out forms and bring documentation. Agree, $8 for one race is not a big price, and you will have a lot of fun!

Also, the organization has many sub-teams, such as To Be Determined. There are more than 10 subcommands, and they all perform the duties of the club members and have the same rights. All sub-teams have the common goal to support the club and to get more members into the club.

The good thing about the organization is that it provides free beginner training and a number of free New York City bike races called “open races” and they are available even to non-members as they are open to non-members. “The Bear Mountain Classic, the Dave Jordan Central Park Classic, the Grant’s Tomb Criterium are examples of free races.

If you love bikes and racing, you should definitely join the organization, for this is the best place for bike enthusiasts! Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will be treated the same.

There are a number of other organizations in New York City besides the CRCA, but they are much smaller and not as large-scale:

-Kissena-a cycling club from Brooklyn. This club organizes a number of other bike events in NYC, such as the L&C Cup, FBF Tuesdays, and Castelli in Prospect Park. While not a huge organization, it has earned the respect of New York cyclists, check their website for more details;

-the New York Cycle Club doesn’t specialize in bike racing in NYC, but they do a lot of good things for the city’s cycling community. Check out what they have to offer you on their website.

New York Bike Events

New York Bike Events

Million Mile May

When? May 1st till May 31st.

Where? All around the world!

Cycling is a celebration that motivates, unites people, and inspires new feats! That’s why cyclists from over 2 countries and 34 U.S. states have joined a virtual NYC bike event called the Million-Mile May. Quarantine doesn’t stop you from showing the benefits of bicycling and getting more people to switch to eco-friendly transportation. It doesn’t matter what you use your bike for, whether it’s a walk around town, a trip to the grocery store, or a commute to work. In one month, nearly 1,500 cyclists (beginners and professionals) joined the rally to show the importance of cycling and to reiterate the importance of safety infrastructure.

TD Five Boro Bike Tour

When? August 22, 2021.

Where? New York downtown.

The City of New York and the organizers of Bike New York, with a host of sponsors and partners, are hosting a charity biking event in NYC for fast riders! All cycling enthusiasts from across the country are invited. To participate, simply pay a $112 fee (standard, there is also a premium registration for $350), of which $23 will go to charity for the development of cycling in the city.

By paying the standard registration fee for this NY bicycle racing event, you will receive:

– a license plate badge that will allow you to participate in the race;

– along the route you will find places to rest and refreshments;

– helpers along the road and water;

– Trek will repair any breakdown during your ride at no charge;

– photos and certificate of participation.

The most important goal is charity. You can choose an organization from the list and donate to them.

Spoketober- Bicycle Marathon NYC

When? All of October.

Where? New York.

October is a time of golden autumn, a time of wonder and joy. That’s why the organizers chose this month for the Spoketober NY bicycle marathon. It’s a celebration of fun, retreats with family and hardening the spirit, and strengthening the body.To participate you need to drive around the city every day in October, enjoying the dark weather and good company. What could be better, you ask?

Well, for a small fee the organizers have prepared gifts and surprises for you! But that’s not all, your money will help fulfill the dream of others, namely to learn to ride a bike. We believe that by biking every day you can help people and improve your health. Together we can do anything!

Red Hook Criterium

Red Hook Criterium

This NYC racing event is very different from the previous two because its nature is more extreme and driving! It all started in 2008, when a certain David Trimble, in honor of his birthday, staged a race that he had not coordinated with the authorities of New York. A lot of people showed up for the race: friends, fixie messengers, amateur racers, and road racers. A girl won in 2008, and the race continues to this day!

The 180-degree hook is the must-have of this race. If the first time around it was attended by dozens of people, the second time – almost 50! Already in 2010, the first sponsors came, and the race has already started to move from a local to the world scale, as today the races are held in Milan and Barcelona and other cities. If adrenaline and risk are in your blood, be sure to check out their official website and read lots of information!

Those were NYC races, we hope you will join any of them! Stay tuned.

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