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Bike Documentaries: What Is Interesting To Watch About Cycling On Netflix?

Since its inception, the bicycle has come to play a significant role in many people’s lives. For some, a bicycle is a means of transportation, for others – a pleasant leisure time, for others – a job. Do you belong to one of these types of people? Most likely, yes, and therefore this selection of the best cycling movies on Netflix is for you. Not all films can be all about cycling, some of them only feature a bicycle, but in close connection with the characters. After all, the bicycle is not just a professional sport. The bicycle is available to everyone, so it can easily fit into any story.

Icarus- Netflix cycling doping documentary

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The decision to ban athletes from Russia from competing under the national flag at the Olympics in Korea shocked many people. But not those who managed to watch the film Icarus (the name is an abbreviation: the ICO, i.e. “International Olympic Committee”, has RUS added to it). It was posted by Netflix in August 2017, and earlier it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s an event movie, a life-changing movie. The plot: American director, screenwriter, and amateur cyclist Brian Vogel planned to make a documentary about doping in non-professional sports and the methods of cheating anti-doping controls by experimenting on himself. But suddenly he found himself at the center of the biggest scandal in the history of sports related to the Russian state doping program. Not only that, Vogel was directly involved in the escape of the former director of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov, to the United States, helping him to hide and exposing the data that was taken out to the press. The documentary film Icarus is the story of how Vogel and Rodchenkov met and all the events that followed. We definitely recommend you to watch this Netflix cycling documentary.

Stop At Nothing- bike documentary about Lance Armstrong

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No list of movies about cycling can be called complete without addressing an uncomfortable topic in some of them. That’s what Stop At Nothing is all about, a riveting account of the career of professional cycling’s greatest villain, Lance Armstrong. In the film, archive footage of Armstrong’s races is interspersed with later interviews with his former teammates and journalists. The picture vividly shows the American racer’s incredible superiority over his rivals in the peloton before his world collapsed.

Outskirts: Route 66 – Netflix road cycling documentary

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Rapha, a company that sells cycling apparel, also makes great movies about cycling. Check out Outskirts: Route 66, in which Gus Morton (yes, the Gus from Thereabouts) and three of his friends ride Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. Like Thereabouts, this film brings out the very essence of road cycling – a terrific opportunity to discover new roads, places, and people who live there. Turn it on for five minutes and you won’t notice how you quickly will watch this mountain biking movie on Netflix through till the end.

Breaking Away (1979)- is a truly great cycling movie on Netflix

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Cycling, falling in love, and friendship is all closely intertwined in this film. The main character Dave is a fan of cycling, but when he encounters professionals, they quickly put him in his place. But what to do if you have already told a girl you like that you are a strong sportsman? This is the same question Dave asks, but his friends come to the rescue in time, offering to organize their own cycling team and challenge the university team. By the way, this picture is the 8th in the list of the 100 most inspiring American films in 100 years according to the American Film Institute.

Girl on a Bicycle- a lovely cycling movie on Netflix

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You’re ready to make a marriage proposal to the woman you’ve been seeking for so long, but then you meet a girl on a bicycle who won’t leave your mind. This is exactly what happened to Paolo, a bus driver who takes tourists around Paris.

The main character loves the stewardess Greta, but the charming cyclist Cecile does not leave his thoughts. What to do in this situation? Fatal advice is given to him by his best friend.

Premium Rush (2012)- exciting bike movie on Netflix

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A New York courier who dashingly drives a bike through busy city streets is played in this film by popular actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. On one of his workdays, the main character picks up a certain envelope at Columbia University. What’s inside the envelope is of interest to a corrupt police officer, who begins to pursue the hero. During the making of the film, there were no casualties, however, several injuries occurred. Joseph Gordon-Levitt crashed his bicycle into a cab. The result of the accident: 31 stitches on his right arm. This footage was mentioned in the end credits.

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