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Myths About Electric Mountain Bikes

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The feeling of pleasure from every movement. Grace satisfies the most demanding user. Perfectly shaped design and simplicity of use. What is it: myths, commercial move, or the truth? The simplest device with two wheels and circumspect to the smallest detail.

An electric mountain bike can change the picture of your perception. I will be your guide in the world of the best electric bikes.

The first fable I refute – it is for lazy people. The wrong statement, because you do sport, train your body, use your muscles but with fewer efforts. The second – multipurpose. Are e mountain bikes any good? As it is a mountain bike, the scope of use includes hilly territory, rough paths, roads with stones holes, etc.

You have to identify where and for what purpose you use it before purchasing, cause many people to buy this bike for the city. Electric-assist mountain bikes allowed on trails nowadays. It causes the problem, the user doesn’t use the potential and claims on a little consequence in comparison to city bikes. The issue is clear. No necessity if you cycle in the park, pavement, or city. You spend money for nothing. It is for sport, active rest, tricks and adrenaline.

Are electric mountain bicycles worth it?

electric mountain bike

Although the structure and details are simple, the material, battery, power, engine, designer’s shape, etc. cost a lot. The best electric mountain bikes are made of special materials including titanium, aluminum, nickel, carbon end even wood (oak).

The next – it is very speedy. But how fast do electric MTB go? If you think it is 100 km/h or even more, you have mistaken. The average speed is 30-40 km, the maximum is 60, and trust, it is enough. Being safe while doing stuns, isn’t it a wonder?

The last — the engine does all work instead of the user. So, how do mountain e-bike work? A mechanism is simple: with the help of battery-powered assist that works simultaneously with pedaling.

The last one – it doesn’t matter what MTB you choose, the functions are the same. Generally, yes, but the quality, type of the engine, the weight, additional options can change your perception towards cycling. Simply, it is like cheap and expensive cars, you drive and move but explain to yourself how and what do you feel.

You can ask: what is the best beginner mountain bike? There is a huge variety including specialized Turbo Levo SL Expert Carbon or Surface 604 Shred. The dozens of companies (BMW, Aston Martin, Audi, etc) can suggest the best ones. It is necessary to notice the price starts at 2-3 thousand dollars. Satisfaction costs. Pleasure is worth the money. Enjoy your cycling, and share your experience with it.

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