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Best Mountain Bike for Heavy Riders: How to Choose a Bicycle for Big Guys?

mountain bikes for heavy riders

How to Find Your Best Mountain Bike for Heavy Riders?

Mountain bikes for heavy riders are a topic that has traditionally received little attention, but we will try to remedy that. It’s appropriate to start the conversation by explaining the category of rider we’re talking about in general. Bicycles in the medium price segment can withstand the weight of the owner up to 220 pounds without any consequences. Of course, if you don’t consider overly aggressive riding or cycling tourism, where the bike is additionally loaded with a considerable amount of equipment. For people with a body weight of more than 220 pounds, it makes sense to approach the choice of bike adjusted to its own peculiarity. Mountain bike for heavy men- one of the greatest solutions for such a problem!

What Type of Bike Is Optimal for Large People?

big man mountain bike

For riders weighing 290 pounds or more, it is advisable to choose a normal big man mountain bike. It provides the most comfortable and safe riding position in which the bodyweight is more or less evenly distributed between the handlebars and the seat. In addition, the design of even the most ordinary mountain bike for heavy riders already has a large margin of safety, which is certainly a plus for a fat person. And finally, mountain bikes for big men are deservedly considered the most versatile bike – a conqueror of all road elements: from country dirt roads and forest trails to city asphalt and high-speed trails.

At a bodyweight of over 220 pounds, we strongly recommend focusing solely on the mountain bikes for the heavy guys segment. But even here it is not that simple, and there is room for confusion for the beginner since mountain bikes are quite a vast stratum. Heavy people are better to choose a classic hardtail – a model with a rigid frame, in which one fork is shock absorbed. This not only makes the vehicle noticeably cheaper but also more reliable. The weight of the rider in 310-350 pounds will be a serious test even for the highest-quality suspension, which is equipped with two pods for an astronomical price.

The “more expensive means more reliable” principle does not always work when buying mountain bikes for big guys. In fact, it can play tricks on you. The high cost of many bikes is often explained by their low weight, which is achieved by using frames made of carbon or thin-walled aluminum. Both are not the best options for heavy people. We recommend choosing models with a non-lightweight aluminum or iron frame if you are not afraid of extra pounds of your bike.

Thus, under the proposed parameters most cross country bikes fall. At the same time, a separate story, which we strongly recommend avoiding, is the cheap mountain bikes for bigger guys. Do not buy cheap bikes from supermarkets, even if your weight is less than 200 pounds, as such bikes do not live long! Even at 130-150 pounds with these bikes, you can quickly encounter problems: broken pedals, crumbling bearings, deformed rims, and other consequences of critical loads that poor quality components can not withstand.

Our Top-3 Rating of the Best Mountain Bikes for Heavy Riders

mountain bikes for fat guys

Giant Rincon LTD 26

This model is perfect for people whose weight is more than 200 pounds. The design of these mountain bikes for fat guys is quite reasonably priced, and you can quickly see from the ride if a mountain bike is the right fit for you. It’s made with an aluminum frame and the latest Zoom CH410E 26 fork designs. The braking system is mechanical, for too steep slopes is not suitable, but on rough terrain or in urban conditions will behave quite well.

Frame lightweight type, which allows you to significantly reduce the weight of the bike, while not affecting the strength of the entire structure. The fork is good enough to absorb the vibration from the bumps in the road. This bike uses Shimano Tourney attachments, which belong to the initial type, and does not require special maintenance.

This bike is considered to be one of the best mountain bikes for big guys!

STELS Navigator 720 MD 27.5

mountain bike for heavy riders

This mountain bike for big guys STELS Navigator 720 MD 27.5 VO20 – this is one of the most interesting mountain bike models, which was released as part of the 2020 model year. The bike belongs to the entry-level category but is made on the basis of ultralight aluminum alloy X6 and enlarged wheels measuring 27.5 inches with durable industrial bearings on the hubs and fast clips that allow you to quickly remove the wheels for repair or replacement. The bike is recommended for use on paved roads, concrete and rolling dirt.

What is the frame design of this mountain bike for heavy riders? Frame geometry is a classic hardtail shape, which means this bike has no shock absorption on the rear wheel. The frame is a triangle formed by a thick main tube, a seat tube, and an additional horizontal tube, which together form a strong structure that can withstand heavy loads.

The material used is a strong steel alloy, but this affects the weight of the bike. Its weight is about 38 pounds. This one of the best mountain bikes for big guys is equipped with a classic for mountain biking 26-inch wheels with double aluminum rims, providing additional rigidity of the wheel structure. The STELS transmission is a multi-speed bike with 21 gears available. The STELS Navigator 720 MD 27.5-brake system is a V-type rim brake system. These rim brakes provide reliable braking due to the high responsiveness when applying different forces to the levers.

Forward Apache 2.0 Disc 2020

mountain bikes for big men

This model of the best mountain bike for bigger guys is also designed for those who are just starting to discover mountain biking with big weights. The design is made on the basis of a steel frame, which immediately makes it heavy and durable. An SR Suntour XCT fork is installed, which is made of aluminum. It has a preload adjustment system. The bike itself is well suited for both urban and cross-country riding for big people.

The steering column is semi-integrated, the handlebar is connected to the frame on a threadless technology, so it will not warp during use. The steering wheel is made of steel, there are comfortable handles, making it easy to grasp with the palms of your hands. The braking system is controlled by the handlebar grips, the brakes themselves are disc brakes, equipped with a smooth stroke, so the bike will not skid even when a sudden stop. It has 21 speeds, they are switched with the levers. So, all these characteristics make this bike one of the best mountain bikes for heavy riders!

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