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What Mountain Bike Accessories Do I Need? Choosing the Essentials for Travel!

must-have mountain bike accessories

Is there a way to make your bike ride safer and more comfortable? Of course, mountain bike riding accessories can provide this. This is very important especially if you like to ride for a very long time, but for real athletes (even if you only want to become one) it is simply necessary. Today we decided to show you must-have mountain bike accessories, which every amateur cyclist should always have and not only.

List of Mountain Bike Accessories

Let’s not delay, but let’s go straight to the top mountain bike accessories. We were based on the most basic needs while driving, namely safety, comfort, and the ability to collect everything that can be useful on the road under different conditions.


cool mountain bike accessories

This is the most significant mountain bike accessory and should be bought first! The need for this protective piece of equipment isn’t even discussed, because it can save your life! You can choose any model of helmet, but it must be durable so that the helmet can protect the head of the cyclist in the event of a fall.

There is a wide variety of helmets in stores, so you can easily decide the right helmet for you, not only in terms of its capabilities but also in design. In some models, you can see a visor that can be removed. This is great if you are riding in the rain or mud, or just for protection from the wind or sun. If you don’t want this option, it is better to purchase special glasses.

Tools and First Aid Kit

accessories for mountain bike

It is useful to have with you when cycling a minimum of necessary tools for elementary tightening of threaded connections, adjusting brakes, gear shifters, steering wheel controls, the position of the steering wheel itself, saddle, and other bicycle equipment, such as roof racks. Usually, this is a folding multi-tool, which includes at least standard hexagons, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, and often some other various tools (wrenches and wrenches for knitting needles, T25 sprocket, chain wringer, folding knife, etc.). In most cases, this is enough for a mountain bike accessories kit, but if you are traveling far and/or for a long time, we recommend having separate mounting elements (two pieces) for the careful dismantling of the tire from the wheel, if necessary, change or glue the tube, chain squeeze for connection (riveting) a damaged broken chain and a first aid kit for repairing (gluing) the punctured chamber.

All these essential mountain bike accessories in the right hands would greatly increase your bike’s autonomy and survivability in sometimes challenging riding conditions. For the sake of completeness of this set, we will mention one or two spare chambers of the size and type of valve corresponding to your wheels.

Flashlights and Headlights

mountain bike must-haves

Let’s agree on the terminology of the best accessories for mountain biking right away. We call lanterns such light sources that make a bicycle and a cyclist visible and more noticeable at twilight and night. They are also called “dimensions”, in the front ー white, in the back ー red, following the requirements of traffic rules (traffic rules). A headlamp is a light source that creates the light of sufficient power and makes the section of the path in front of the bicycle (cyclist) visible at night.

Modern bicycle flashlights and headlights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) of varying wattage and standard batteries or generally lithium-ion batteries. The use of dynamos (generators) is limited to city (road) bicycles, since when making difficult maneuvers on the terrain in MTB, the cyclist often slows down and, as a result, is left without light.

Modern LED emitters consume low currents, deliver high brightness and luminous flux, and the batteries have enough capacity to provide good illumination of the path in front of the cyclist for a long time, which is why it is important to have this on your list of cool mountain bike accessories. It is also worth noting that bicycle headlights are more expensive, the more powerful they aretheir power. Your choice depends on how fast you plan to move through an unlit space, for example, outside a city or in a forest, at night, and if the speed is higher, the headlight is more powerful and more expensive.


mountain bike necessities

Most of the bicycle wheels are “shod” in pneumatic inflatable tires, and it is necessary to maintain the air pressure in them. In addition, when driving, punctures/breakdowns of tires with loss of pressure are possible, so the pump isn’t the last place in mountain bike must-haves. To “pump up” (create the required pressure) in the tires and need a pump. There are floor (stationary) pumps and transportable (portable). The latter can be easily attached to a bicycle or carried with you in your pocket, cycling bag, or backpack. Good pump models are equipped with a pressure gauge to accurately monitor tire pressure, which can also be useful in a set of needed mountain bike accessories if you like high-speed rides or just ride in the heat. Cycling wheels use three types of nipples/valves: Schraeder auto-bike (AV), Presta French sports racing (FV), and Dunlop was on many Soviet bicycles, and is nowis now less commonly used on trekking and road bikes (DV). A modern pump is compatible with any of the three types.

Bags & Trunks

top mountain bike accessories

To transport the already mentioned tools, first aid kits, the water bottle, and other significant mountain bike accessories on a bike, compact, often quickly removable bike bags are used. According to theirto the place of their placement on a bicycle, they are the seat post, on the frame, on the handlebar; of various shapes and volumes. Cycling bags typically have reflective elements on the outside to increase safety when riding on public roads.

And finally, if you are going on a cycling trip (trip), you would need a bicycle backpack (or you can also call it a bicycle bag on the trunk) of sufficient volume. Usually, a bicycle backpack has a U-shape, it can be one-volume or three-volume and is fixed on the trunk above the rear wheel of the bicycle. Depending on the duration and conditions of the trip, the required volume of the bicycle backpack is selected (from 10-15 liters to 100 liters or more). By the way, there are also small and compact bags for the trunk, they can be used in the city, on a trip to work. Sometimes it is more convenient than a backpack behind your back.

We have already mentioned the coolest mountain bike accessory trunk. Typically, a standard bike rack made of steel, aluminum, or custom titanium has a load capacity of 25 kg. But from practice, we know that even 35-40 kg of load can withstand many bicycle luggage racks. You just need to ensure that the threaded fasteners are tightened correctly.

Parking Lock

essential mountain bike accessories

These beginner mountain bike riding accessories serve as protection against theft of your bike when parking near shops, cafes, restaurants, and other places of visit, as well as when storing your bike outside the walls of an apartment, house, or garage. There are different types of bicycle locks: cables (with keys or with a digital code), chains, U-locks (U-shaped locks), steel strip hinges (like a carpenter’s meter), and others. When purchasing a lock, choose the optimal ratio of the reliability of protecting your property, the weight, and cost of the lock, the time and place of parking, and the cost of the bike. And so, now you can decide for yourself what mountain bike accessories you do I need. Consider all the factors that would contribute to your conclusion about the purchase of such equipment. We will recommend buying at least a first aid kit and tools, and then looking as required. It is better to immediately buy the most necessary items to be prepared for various situations that may occur along the way. What mountain bike necessities do you consider the most necessary for a comfortable ride?

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