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Major Mistakes on the Long-Distance Bicycle Races

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Long-distance bicycle races of more than a hundred kilometers require serious training and complex preparation. Your performance strongly depends on what you eat, how you train, and how to behave during the ride.

That’s because long-distance races have nothing similar to short and intense cycling rides. Long-distance races have different requirements. They test your endurance, mental stability, stamina, and continuity of efforts.

There’s a lot of things that you could do wrong before and during long-distance cycling races so it is very important to know how to prepare yourself for such a challenge to get on a winning streak.

Insufficient Training

Insufficient Training

A badly-trained or inexperienced person who hadn’t participated in such events won’t show such great results as professional riders. That’s because a novice cyclist needs hundreds of hours of training to be able to successfully cope with long distances.

The main point is that even if an unprepared cyclist will be able to cover such a distance, he wouldn’t able to do it within a defined period of time.

Panic Training

Too intense and challenging training on the eve of the event can exhaust the rider long before the race. You should be responsible for yourself and carefully manage your training routine.

Don’t overload yourself, but gradually put yourself under bigger and bigger physical loads, improving your physical performance week by week.


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Some sportsmen think that it is necessary to load themselves with heavy and fatty food such as saucy pasta, rich in protein food products and carbohydrates. The truth is that these food products will only overload your organism. Your body will spend too much energy on digesting, lowering your physical limits, and making you feel weak.

Too Quick Start

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Your body needs time to adapt to physical loads so if you will challenge your body too hard right from the start, you can lose your breath and worsen your physical performance. Shortness of breath can ruin a whole race.

So, to achieve the best results, it is better to take a smooth, gradually accelerating with time. You will see that you will outrace other cyclists who started the race too quickly.

Not Eating Well Before the Ride

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There’s a golden mean in everything. Overeating is very bad when it comes to long-distance cycle races but malnutrition is even worse. Our body needs a lot of energy and long-lasting calories during prolonged physical loads. That’s why some cyclists stuff themselves with fatty and savory food.

To achieve the best results, we need to carefully manage our nutrition to make sure that our bodies receive all the necessary nutrients and calories. Long-distance rides take a lot of time so you will need the best and the healthiest food that you can get.

Healthy fats, fatty acids, fiber, and complex carbohydrates should be at the top of your food list. Such products as nuts, seeds, oat, avocados, bananas, fatty fish, and high-quality dairy can nourish you the best.

It is hard to properly prepare yourself for a long-distant cycling ride and the least you can, and should, do is to avoid these major mistakes. Those can ruin your physical performance so you should be responsible for your body’s needs and look after how you behave before and during the race.

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