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Summer Secrets for You: How to Get Thicker Legs without Exercising Every Day?

How to Get Thicker Legs

Muscular Legs vs Skinny Legs: You Decide!

Women like to get everything at once. After lying on the beach for an hour or two, they are already staring at themselves in the mirror in search of a suntan.

Yesterday they went on a diet, but today they stand on the scale with trepidation, as if the decision to lose weight could somehow reduce the weight of the body. It is, of course, understandable that modern life requires us to make lightning-fast decisions, but, unfortunately, neither losing weight nor wise up at once does not work. Everything requires time, patience, and desire.

A powerful torso with muscular man legs is the modern standard of male beauty, but a woman’s figure of a fanatical bodybuilder is not to her liking at all. Today it is not a mountain of muscles that causes admiration, but a slim, trim figure.

What to do if the sides, butt, and thighs do not want to go?How to lose muscle and fat to make your legs as perfect as possible?Find out what exercises you need to do and what effective diets to follow to have beautiful legs but not bulky legs.

How to Tone Legs without Making Them Bigger at the Gym?

Do you want to lose weight quickly, but do not know anything about fitness programs or cannot cope with your laziness? Your way is to the gym. Personal trainers know that a properly selected set of exercises should combine cardio workouts (thanks to them the heart rate rises and the body loses excess fluid) with strength exercises (with their help you can pump up your muscles, raise their tone).

The most important cardio-trainer is a treadmill. Running is unlikely to work for pumping up big muscles, but it may help you in your aspiration to lose weight and to reduce the volume of the legs. Pay attention to steppers and exercise bicycles. If you prefer strength training, do not neglect the sets on which you bend and unbend your legs, perform presses while sitting and lying down.

How to Get Thicker Legs without Exercising at the Gym?

How to Get Thicker Legs without Exercising at the Gym?

Sometimes there is not enough time to go to the gym or fitness rooms. However, you may as well lose weight at home and do some exercises for lean legs, not bulky. Leg exercises for girls necessarily include half squats, lunges, strokes, lifts.

Perform each element 15-20 times for 4-5 sets, then change the working leg. In just a month or two, you will be able to lose weight and enjoy the strength of your muscles.

Slimming Down Bulky Legs with Outdoor Running

Sport indoors is not to your liking, then take up jogging – and the question of how to slim down muscular legs will fall away by itself. Running on a home simulator is effective, but the ideal option – training outdoors.

A couple or three months dedicated to training, multiplied by proper nutrition, will give you strong thin muscles and minus 20-30 pounds. So how to lose weight in the legs, not gaining female muscular legs with exercise machines, but doing only running?

Step 1

Train every day. Starting with 10-15 minutes, bring the time allotted for running to 1-1.5 hours.

Step 2

Choose your pace. To lose weight healthily, run at a speed that is optimal for you, not equal to others.

Step 3

Get yourself professional clothes and shoes. Professional athletic shoes, clothes are not necessary for a beginner, but it is much more comfortable to run in comfortable sneakers and a suit.

Step 4

Start training in the spring, so that you have time to harden up by the arrival of the cold period.

Diet for Strong but Not Muscular Legs

Diet for Strong but Not Muscular Legs

Losing weight only in one area will not work: the weight is lost proportionately. However, correcting the figure, focusing on problem areas, is quite real. When it comes to the legs (especially the hips), experts recommend losing weight on a diet with minimal fat content.

The principles of a proper diet for weight loss:

  • exclude foods containing caffeine, sugar, alcohol – all of which contribute to cellulite;
  • avoid canned foods, smoked meats, and cheeses, as you will never lose weight because they contain too much harmful fat;
  • give preference to low-fat dairy products, fresh fruit, and greens;
  • calculate the right amount of protein per day, because protein helps grow muscles. And in order not to have very pumped up muscles, eliminate chicken, cottage cheese, and other products from your diet;
  • a minimum of 2.5 liters of water a day is a must to lose weight!

If you want to reduce the volume of your legs – we recommend working out at the gym and eating right. This will allow you to form a beautiful figure. Massage and cosmetic procedures can be used as auxiliary tools.

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