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The Longest Range Electric Bike: How to Choose the Best One? Our Top-3 Rank of Long-Range Ebikes

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What is a long-range electric bike?

Bicycles, despite this abundance of vehicles, are still popular and coveted by people from young to old. You can easily get to work and school by a bicycle, without traffic jams and delays. From the usual bicycle, long-range ebike differs not only the prefix e, which means electric but also a number of additional features, such as independent movement due to the electric motor. Of course, it is not forbidden to pedal yourself, however, after hard work on the long-range electric bikes, you may take a rest and the bike will ride you further.

The average power of the motor on such a bike is in the range of 500 to 1500 watts. If necessary, you can turn off the motor and use it as a standard bicycle. It is not that easy to correctly choose an electric bicycle. In order not to make a mistake in this matter, it is necessary to know its main features and to imagine the principle of operation of the product. What ebike is better to buy? Which one is the longest range electric bike? How to calculate the average price? You will find answers to your questions below!

How to Choose an Electric Bike with the Longest Battery Life?

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The electric bicycle (e-bike) is a bicycle with an electric drive. The basic components of the ebike are battery, controller, and electric motor.

Mandatory characteristics of the electric bike:

  • The power is measured in watts. This figure determines the maximum permissible speed, cross-country ability, payload, and acceleration time of the electric bike. Accordingly, the more power, the higher these parameters are.
  • There are three grades of electric bicycle power:
  1. low power (200-350 W);
  2. medium power (500 W);
  3. high power (starts from 500 W).

There Are Two Types of Ebike:

  1. A front-wheel drive ebike (front motor-wheel) – a type of transport with clear design, better maneuverability and balance. Our recommendation: this bike is great for novice riders who want an easy operation, classic fit. The power of the ebike with front-wheel drive is much lower than in rear-wheel. So, if you are searching for the longest-range ebike, this option is not for you.
  2. Electric bike with rear-wheel installed motor (rear motor-wheel) – a bike with reliable grip and road surface. It can be fitted with a powerful motor. To achieve a better weight distribution, the battery should be placed in the center of the vehicle’s frame. It is easy to transport it in the car. You can easily remove the front wheel and place the bike in the car. Recommendation: this electric bike long range for those who want speed and love sports riding.

General Features You Should Know before Choosing the Ebike

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Each electric bicycle has several riding modes, which influence the electric bike range. The modes can be switched to accelerate the speed or to take a break (riding without pedaling). To change the mode, you need to activate the power adjustment mechanism.

E-bikes have three riding modes:

  • Mode 1. Pedaling without turning on the electric motor;
  • Mode 2. Pedal-free electric motor control;
  • Add Mode. An additional increase of motor power by means of pedals.

The maximum load is the weight of the rider used when riding the bike. The permissible load is up to 120-150 kg. The range is influenced by the battery (or rather its capacity) and speed. That is, calm and economical cycling increases the life of the bike, but lovers of wilderness and speed, who prefer to ride in the wind, gradually reduce the life of the battery bike. If you like to ride super fast- we recommend you search for the longest-range electric motorcycle.

Charging, Controller, and Motor Types

Charging time – this is influenced by the capacity of the battery, and it lasts from 4 to 8 hours. Controller – the device that is responsible for and controls the work of the motor wheel. It affects the speed of rotation of the motor. The components of a long-range electric bike kit should have an equal degree of voltage and power. The controller is usually connected to all the electrical components of the bicycle set.

Types of Electric Motors

Currently, there are several types of electric motors that companies install on their bicycles.

  1. A motor-wheel is the most common type of motor for an electric bicycle. It is mounted to the front as well as to the rear of the hub, but installation on each wheel is possible if desired. The maximum speed is up to 70 km/h. This type of motor is even used in the long-range electric cruiser.
  1. An outboard motor is an independent unit that attaches to the bottom of the bike or carriage. It transmits power to the rear sprocket via a chain drive. Power and speed are regulated by the controller. Speed: up to 120 km/h.
  2. A friction gear motor is a type of motor that is based on a friction mechanism. The transmission of torque from the shaft of the electric motor is made directly to the tire of the wheel of the vehicle. The most inefficient type of engine due to low efficiency and reduced life of the wheel.

TOP-3 Long-Range Bikes

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We have done deep research and the electric bike range comparison to present to you TOP-3 bikes with the longest battery life.

  1. Delfast – 228 miles. This bike was made in Ukraine and has broken all the records with its range of a whopping 228 miles. It was on the list of the longest range electric bike 2015 and it is still on top!
  2. QWIC MN7 VV can ride up to 130 miles from one charge. It is designed for the most enjoyable commute with a respectable 735Wh battery, providing up to 130 miles in eco mode. This bike was rewarded with a title of the longest range electric bike 2016. However, even now, in 2021 it is in our list, as the company updates its models and configurations.
  3. Raleigh Centros 2019 – 140 Miles. It is an affordable and inexpensive bike for long rides, the Centros from Raleigh is a perfect solution for you!
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