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Kids Bike Gloves: Recommendations on How to Choose and Why They Are Important

Kids Bike Gloves

Riding a bike is an interesting and healthy activity, during which sometimes falls and injuries occur. During a fall, the hands are the most often affected because 90% of the time, the cyclist instinctively extends his or her palms toward the fall to protect the body, and the skin on the palms is always torn off.

Not many people pay serious attention to such an important accessory as youth cycling gloves. Those who do buy them usually approach the choice very superficially, because, as it seems, what could be so special about such a simple thing? In fact, biking gloves for kids are very important, and choosing them is a serious challenge to knowledge, experience, and, of course, your wallet.

The right model of bike gloves will not only improve the grip of your hands on the handlebars but also protect you from fractures during a fall but will also prevent problems such as blisters, rough skin, and numbness after long biking.

Kids biking gloves are an inconspicuous mini accessory that is an integral part of bike riding. Hands and palms are under a lot of stress while cycling: they are the cyclist’s fulcrum, taking the vibrations, the knocks from bumps, and the friction from bike grips. Bicycle gloves help to reduce the discomfort of these factors.

Functions of the Riding Gloves for Kids

To begin with, why do we need gloves? The main functions of such youth bike gloves are:

-protection of the palms, knuckles from skin abrasion in falls;

-some versions protect the fingers from abrasions and fractures;

-protection against accidental blows from tree branches;

-protection against hand numbness, thanks to soft inserts that prevent blood vessels from being squeezed;

-prevention of chafing and blistering;

-protection against cold winds in winter;

-reduction of the effects of steering wheel vibration;

-protection of the palms of your hands from blisters and chafing;

-a firm grip on the handlebars in all weathers.

Now, let us take a deeper look at the main characteristics of the kids’ bike riding gloves. Of course, lately, there have been real standards of appearance for athletes. The person at the gym should be in loose pants and a T-shirt revealing biceps, the girl should be in loafers and a top, and the cyclist should be wearing a helmet, gloves, and a backpack. Oddly enough, many people follow visual fashion rather than the functional needs of their bodies.

First and foremost, gloves are about comfort. Minimal vibration, which can not absorb either damper or grips, seriously worsen the experience of riding – sweaty during the ride and sore after the trip hands do not add joy to the exhausted cyclist. In addition, most grips on the handlebars of bicycles are made of rubber and polymers, aimed at durability and reliability (because they have to experience all the “charms” of open-air), rather than the tactile sensation of the palm. Long hold on the standard grip – not the most pleasant occupation, but it is necessary to watch the hands.

The second thesis about the child’s riding gloves is safety, as they help to protect the cyclist’s hands and joints. The same vibrations that reduce the comfort of riding, with a long exposure, can negatively affect the health of the joints – the constant load is harmful to them. But most importantly, no matter how carefully and well we ride, an accident is always possible. And then, in a fall, kids BMX gloves fully reveal their purpose, protecting the hands from abrasions, scratches, and even fractures. In many high-level and expensive models, soft inserts, such as gel, are designed to compensate for quite powerful impacts.

Types of Riding Gloves for Kids

Types of Riding Gloves for Kids

Gloves are divided by season and shape. Many beginners and experienced riders do not choose specialized, but ordinary sports or even everyday gloves. It’s much better than riding without gloves at all, but their user qualities are incomparable with professional solutions. There are quite a big variety of gloves, even for each type of bike, for instance, BMX bike gloves, racing gloves for professionals and kids mountain biking gloves, etc.

Differences by Season

For each season, there are different models of children’s bike gloves.

In summer, the requirements are obvious:

-effectively wick away moisture;

-have additional power inserts – minor injuries are more likely in summer;

-be lightweight.

The most important thing, as for the other seasons, is to have a good fit for the twist.

During wintertime, the question of how to choose and buy gloves is even more difficult. First, they must be warm, and in cold winter conditions will require several models, because in -5 and -20 modes are completely different. The second is the completeness of the kids cycling gloves- professional models often consist of several separate layers or cyclists put on their own two pairs of gloves (outer sport and thin inner), which dry quickly. Finally, freedom of movement – with tight gloves it is very difficult to switch speeds and use the brake handles, which is why cycling gloves winter edition are preferable to conventional, focused on skiing and snowboarding without fingers. Sizing – Winter options should be chosen not by the way they fit, but a little looser.

In the fall and spring, the requirements for the bike gloves for kids are intermediate. On the one hand, gloves still need to keep you warm, but protection from getting wet, wind, and dirt come to the fore. Demi-seasonal gloves are usually offered by manufacturers in waterproof synthetics or leather.


Gloves for kids can be distinguished by shape:

  • Full-finger cycling gloves.
  • Reinforced – with additional inserts and plastic retainers. They protect the hands from impact. These are used by athletes of extreme disciplines.
  • One-piece, also known as mittens, are usually winter or reinforced models.
  • Fingerless – “classic” BMX gloves for kids, incomplete models with free finger pads allow clear use of the brake handles and shifting levers, prevent sweating.


What materials are used in producing biking gloves?

  1. Spandex and lycra are considered to be “sporty” materials that fit the body and wick away moisture well. Good summer gloves are sure to contain these materials.
  2. Leather is the primary material for performance on the side of the palm. Good quality gloves from leather are good at protecting, and they give a “natural” grip to the hand and handlebars.
  3. Leather substitute – several types of synthetic coatings, many of which are already difficult to distinguish from real leather.
  4. Fleece and neoprene – materials for making insulated, winter models. These materials are often completely impermeable to moisture and require the use of a lining of natural fabrics.
  5. Carbon and gel – additional materials that are used to protect against damage – are separate inserts.

Top 3 Mountain and Bmx Gloves for Kids



ZippyRooz gloves are made and thoughtfully designed down to the smallest detail! They are made with plenty of padding, a comfortable absorbent wipe for little noses. These BMX gloves for youth are super lightweight and fit well on your wrist!The type of gloves is open half-fingers. They will not be afraid for your little risky child to fall, as they will protect his hands from scratches! They are very easy to put on and take off by yourself, they can use a touch phone. And the best part is that the gloves are cheap BMX gloves!

Strider Bike Gloves: Kids Mountain Bike Gloves

Strider Bike Gloves: Kids Mountain Bike Gloves

The Strider mountain bike gloves for kids are suitable for children from 1 to 6 years old, as the company makes two versions of the gloves of different sizes. They fit perfectly on babies’ hands and are easy to put on thanks to the velcro. These gloves come in two types: open and closed. The closed type is available specifically for children from 3 years old. Included with the gloves is a set of protective pads that help children protect themselves from injury in a fall. The shields are universal and can be used for any part of the body.

Kids Gloves by Louis Garneau

Kids Gloves by Louis Garneau

Gloves made by Louis are divided into children’s gloves (with different funny patterns) and youth mountain bike gloves (solid color gloves) and are available in different sizes. The gloves are the same as the adult models, they are light, breathable, and provide comfort for children. Gloves are made of very high quality and will last a long time! It is best to try the gloves on before you buy because you can get confused by the size range of the manufacturer.

Choosing cycling gloves is a non-trivial task. The rider needs a lot of attention and, most importantly, a quality fitting. You should not forget about the functional tasks of the cycling gloves. Thank you for reading!

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