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Kestrel Bikes USA: History of the Company and Kestrel Bikes Review

Kestrel Bikes USA

Kestrel is a truly American bicycle company. It makes some of the best bicycles available on the market in the United States. The main specialization of this brand is high-end bicycles at a high price.

Kestrel Bikes: Who Are They?

The Kestrel road bikes, made by Kestrel, are designed for road racing and triathlons. Kestrel was originally created by experts dealing with aerospace materials.

Trek employees helped them create this masterpiece. Advanced Sports International bought the company in 2007 and has owned and controlled it ever since. That was a brief outlook, but now let’s delve into the development of the company and the history of kestrel bikes in a little more detail.

What Happened to Kestrel Bikes: History

Kestrel Bikes History

Kestrel’s origins date back to 1986 when a group of Trek enthusiasts teamed up with aerospace materials experts to create the ultimate Kestrel Tri bike. That year they built the first bike, the Kestrel 4000. The difference was that it was built with a fully aerodynamic frame made out of carbon. This is where the history of Kestrel bikes only begins.

Kestrel was the first to invent carbon monocoque construction technology, cast in the shape of a bubble. In collaboration with Keith Bontrager, the company shows the world its new Kestrel mountain bike in 1988, namely the “Nitro” bicycle. The catch was that it had full suspension.

The company did not stop there, and in 1989 surprised the world again with the EMS carbon fork. Kestrel is the only company to use carbon fiber for the “intermediate module” in the fork. Realizing the advantages of lightness and aerodynamics of their Kestrel bikes for sale, the company already in 1989 produced the world’s first all-carbon bike. This Kestrel carbon bike was timed to coincide with a triathlon in the U.S. called the KM40.

Three years later, the company launched its first bike without a seat tube. This modern bike was given the number 500SCi. At the time, it demonstrated the flexibility of design and the quickness of the ride provided by the composite material. Then the company started using 3D solid modeling techniques. The first bike with this manufacturing technology was the KM40 Airfoil, released in 1999.

The 2000s began well for the company, too. As early as 2001, Kestrel launched the EMS Pro Series cast carbon handlebar. It was a landmark handlebar for road bikes Kestrel in those years and won the hearts of many cyclists. Two years later, renowned cyclist, Chris McCormack becomes an Ironman winner on a Kestrel talon bike and begins his partnership with the company.

That was a big step forward for Kestrel, after which the bikes became even more popular. In 2007, Outside Magazine recognized the Kestrel bike as the best bike of the year.

Next, a large company, Advanced Sports International, took an interest in the company and bought all of its shares.

Under new management, the company re-releases the 4000 for triathlon/time-trials in 2010. A year later, the company begins a partnership with 2011 Ironman champion Andy Potts. Athletes such as Denisa Menchova, Carlos Sastre, Juan Jose Cobo, and others start using the Kestrel bike talon as a time-trial bike in major international competitions.

The new Kestrel bike RT 1000 was released in 2012. This bike is endurance and rugged. 2013 Kestrel launches the new Legend with an ultra-lightweight frame. From 2014 to 2019, the company focused on producing and improving the Talon road/triathlon bike.

What Models of Bicycles Does Kestrel Offer?

The company has different types of bicycles with different specifications in its portfolio. Road bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes: a variety that is available in different price ranges. Since the company produces professional bicycles for triathlon, the price of such models is more expensive, but on the company’s website, you can find a bike for your pocket as well.

Are Kestrel Bikes Good: Buy or Not to Buy?

Are Kestrel Road Bikes Good

Kestrel Bikes Review: Reasons to Buy

  1. The kestrel triathlon bikes are regularly praised by experts.
  2. The company’s technology is ahead of its time, as the company was one of the first to use carbon fiber for its frames. This material is more expensive than others but much stronger and better.
  3. Buyers themselves note the price-performance ratio of the bikes, noting that the company equips its bikes with the best Shimano 105 equipment.
  4. The lightest bikes on the road bike market.
  5. The quality of the carbon frame workmanship. Even the used Kestrel road bikes are okay to use in rides. This is thanks to the frames, that show good reinforcement, minimal flex.
  6. Stable and responsive bike handling thanks to their special handlebar.
  7. Buyers note the good design of the bikes and their unique colors.
  8. The aerodynamics are also on a high level, that’s why pro athletes use their bikes in races.

Kestrel Bikes Review: Reasons Not to Buy

  1. Sometimes there are micro cracks in the company frames. This has been noticed on bikes with 2,000 to 3,000 miles (ca. 4,828 km).
  2. The rear of the bikes is pretty stiff, which many cyclists don’t like.
  3. Many don’t like the flashy colors of the bike and think it is ugly.
  4. ​​Unfortunately, the company does not provide instructions, and it is very difficult to understand the assembly of the bicycles themselves. It is also a safety problem for all its customers. That is, to assemble the bike you have to visit a bike shop.

As you may see, there are more reasons to buy Kestrel bikes, than not to buy.

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