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Joe Biden Will Not Be Allowed To Take His Bike To The White House

president Joe Biden with his bike

New U.S. President Joe Biden may part with his Peloton bicycle before entering the White House. The smart device with a tablet, microphone, and camera threatens America’s cybersecurity.

The 78-year-old president has a Peloton bicycle – and it’s a potential threat to White House cybersecurity. The Peloton isn’t just a bike: it’s partly an exercise bike with a built-in social network. The $2,500-plus bike has a tablet attached to it that athletes can use to communicate with each other and share their training performance.

There’s also a camera and microphone attached to the bike that allows users to see and hear each other (optional, of course). Therein lies Biden’s problem – last week, Popular Mechanics magazine warned that the technology on the bike could be hacked.

Cybersecurity experts confirm that the concerns are real, but if the necessary measures are followed, the president will be able to take his Peloton to a new location. The threat is real, but it’s a manageable risk if one thinks carefully and prepares.

At this point, several security measures will allow Biden to keep his bike with him:

  • remove the camera and microphone from the cycle;
  • register an account under a discreet name;
  • change the account every month;
  • keep the bike away from places where important, confidential conversations can take place.

In the age of information technology, every sensor can cause a data breach, so this attitude toward the tech bike is justified. Perhaps a simple, single-speed, reliable classic should take precedence.

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