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Israel Raises Prices of Electric Bikes

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The Ministry of the Environment of Israel intends to expand the law on electronic waste. In the coming days, the ministry is expected to announce that importers must dispose of electric bicycles, scooters, Segways, and electric skateboards that have fallen into disrepair. The ordinance will presumably take effect July 1, 2021.

The e-waste law was passed in 2012. Electric mobility aids were not listed as household electrical appliances. The legal department of the Ministry of Ecology issued an opinion stating that this could be done at this time. The justification for this position states that the Ministry of Transportation refused to recognize electric bicycles as vehicles with motors, so, for example, their owners are exempt from compulsory insurance.

Mandatory disposal of electric vehicles involves the creation of special centers where owners can take a bicycle or scooter that has fallen into disrepair. Importers of electric vehicles will be responsible for collection and disposal. Also, companies that rent out electric bikes and scooters will have to sign contracts with the centers and give them the unusable vehicles. Finally, stores that sell electric bicycles and scooters will be required by law to accept eligible electric waste from the public free of charge and deliver it to recycling centers.

To implement the regulation on the disposal of electric vehicles, the Ministry of Ecology will levy an additional tax on importers. To date, the amount of the fee has not been set. The department believes that the tax will not exceed 10 shekels per item.

Environment Minister Gila Gamliel pointed out that electrical garbage, especially batteries, poses a significant threat to the environment.

Importers of electric vehicles fear that the additional fee will inevitably lead to higher prices for goods, which have already increased significantly in price over the past year due to the surge in demand associated with the disruption of public transport due to the pandemic.

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