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International Motor Show 2021 with pedals

international motor show germany

The Frankfurt Motor Show (better known as the International Motor Show Germany) was the largest annual event among car fans and manufacturers. 2020 is a year of cancellations and postponements, and even the cars could not avoid this collision. Starting next year, this event will change everything: the name, format, and even location.

The new name IAA Mobility was not chosen by chance. The changes reflect the internal reorganization and approach to the new exhibition. If previously it was “motorized” and invited everyone with horsepower, now the boundaries have been expanded, and the organizers are gathering all transport in general.

That’s why our blog could not avoid this news. Now the world exhibition of transport will present bikes, electric bikes, and even infrastructure solutions related to public transport and bicycle lanes.

And that’s not all the changes. Now it makes no sense to call it the Frankfurt show, as the event will be held in Munich. The increased scale requires this show to be held on multiple platforms at the same time, including squares and other public spaces. All locations will be connected by a special path that you can only traverse using zero-emission equipment, then if electric vehicles or bicycles.

The final point of the global changes will be the possibility to visit the exhibition through a smartphone screen or television using a digital ticket. Perhaps this is another step in the direction of expanding the scope and attracting a new audience. Perhaps, the organizers just don’t want their event to be postponed again.

In any case, the size of the Munich show has now grown to planetary proportions, and now all the innovations in the field of transport technology will be presented in one place in early September 2021.

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