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Influential Cycling Author John Forester Dies at The Age of 90

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John Forester can be called the most influential cycling author although his name isn’t widely known outside the cycling circle. Born in Dulwich, England and moved to California at the age of 10, John Forested began his career as an assistant professor and later as a consultant and expert witness.

It is not known exactly what has forced John to become a bike activist but his life is abundant with cycling from his early age. John started to cycle at the age of six ‘till the end of his life and there were a lot of trips, tours and everyday rides.

John lived his early life in the America of the 50s which was a bad time for cyclists. Industrial boom and bulk changeover to cars have formed a dismissive attitude towards cyclists.

John, who was an avid cyclist, has made the fight for rights of cyclists his life’s calling. John’s main idea was that a cyclist has the right to take a place on the road just as any other transport.

John released several guide-books in order to help novice and seasoned cyclists. Rules of behavior on the road, cycling tips, guidelines and a lot of other useful information is described in his books.

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