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Amazon Huffy Bikes: History and Products of the Huffy Bike’s Company

Amazon Huffy Bikes

The bicycle is one of the first means of transportation that is mastered from an early age. At this point, it is safe to say that riding this mode of transport is more than just a hobby. It is a world of its own, and culture, and sport. Therefore, more and more attention is paid to the manufacturers of bicycles and spare parts for them.

Bike Huffy: Brief Information

Amazon Huffy bikes is an American bicycle manufacturer, one of the largest in the country, which develops, assembles, designs, and sells bicycles of different classes all over the world. The company states that they are an international company, cooperating with the world’s leading brands. The company’s bicycles are also made in factories in Germany and China, but following the technology of American developers. The price of bicycles will be affordable to all lovers of bicycles. That was Huffy bikes wiki information, let’s discuss some more details about the brand and its production.

Early History of Huffy Bikes

Early History of Huffy Bikes

The Huffy company was founded by George P. Huffman in 1887 when he bought stock in the Davis Sewing Machine Company and three years later moved production to Dayton, Ohio (what is the answer to the question of where are huffy bikes made?). As early as 1892 the company produced its first Dayton bicycle. Their first bicycle was budget-friendly, sturdy, and without any frills.

Thirty years later, already George P. Huffman’s son Horace M. Huffman Sr. founded a new company that became solely devoted to bicycle manufacturing. The company was named after the family name, namely the Huffman Manufacturing Company. That was made indeed for everybody to understand who makes Huffy bikes.

From 1924 to 1949, the company manufactured all of its bicycles under the old Dayton brand. In those days, the company did a lot for the American bicycle market and is rightly considered a renaissance of the U.S. bicycle industry.

Postwar History of the Huffy Manufacturer

After World War II, Huffy began to grow rapidly and conquer the American bicycle market. As early as 1949, the company produced its first bicycle under the Huffy brand. It was a Huffy kid’s bike with 4 wheels (two extra children’s wheels to teach beginners). The bike was called the Huffy Convertible and revolutionized the kids` bike market. In addition to bicycles, the company began producing lawnmowers, but left that market in 1975 due to competition.

In 1953, the official company logo was created, and Huffy produced its best Huffy bike for women and men at the time, namely the LaFrance, Special Roadster, Streamliner, and Racer. As early as 1960, the company was among the Top-3 U.S. bicycle manufacturing brands. Consumer idols included the Dragster Huffy men’s bike, the so-called “wheelie bike,” the Radio Huffy bike with basket and built-in radio, the Sigma BMX bike, and the Scout, a high-speed road bike.

Huffy Bicycle History Today

Today Huffy is one of the largest American and world companies, producing high-tech modern bicycles, spare parts, and accessories. Its product range is quite wide, and the price range is different. The production line goes from the production line of mountain bikes, road bikes, and city Huffy ladies bikes. Also, bicycle accessories and bicycle parts are of great popularity among customers.

More than five million people living in different regions of the United States, and as much more outside our country, actively riding on the products of this firm.Who owns Huffy bikes today? As it is not a small company, there are a lot of stockholders, but the CEO of the company is Claude Jordan.

Where Can You Buy the Huffy Bikes?

Where Can You Buy the Huffy Bikes?

All the company’s models are available on their official website, where you can choose from huffy women’s bikes to kid’s company bikes. The intuitive navigation on the site will help you easily find exactly what you need! You can also buy bikes on Amazon or any other online store. If you want to see the products with your eyes and touch them, then you should go to Walmart. The Huffy bikes in Walmart are sold officially because the company has a contract with this store chain.

What Types of Bike They Have?

Huffy bikes have become very popular in recent years. They are versatile. Boys and girls Huffy bikes have a special design, you can ride them, both off-road and on good roads. The company produces different models that are suitable for everyone: both on the specification and on a budget.

  • City men and women’s Huffy bikes are for riding, recreation, and commuting, that is, on good urban roads. They are easy to use, comfortable, do not require time-consuming care and expensive service. But they should not be used for long trips, especially off-road.
  • Teenage models of boy and girl huffy bikes are designed for children aged 9-12 years. The only difference between them and Huffy men’s bike models is the smaller size of the wheels.
  • Children’s bicycles, most often, are universal. The Huffy girl’s bike can be used off-road, for climbs and forest paths, as well as flat roads. The wheel diameter of the Huffy boys bike varies, but is smaller than in teenagers, and depends on the age of the child.
  • Huffy women’s bike models have a special frame geometry. It fully takes into account the anatomy of the female body. The comfortable saddle, stylish bright design, increased safety driving take into account the physical and psychological characteristics of women.

It’s time to draw conclusions. After analyzing the Huffy bikes, we can say with confidence that the bikes are ideal for beginners, both adults, and children. If you just want to ride around town for fun, these inexpensive bikes are perfect for you. If your intentions are more serious and sporty, then you should pay attention to more expensive and professional brands of bicycles.

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