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How to Wrap Handlebars

tape bicycle handlebars

Even an experienced cyclist may have difficulty with wrapping handlebars. In this case, beginners just need useful tips that can make life easier.

Usually, it doesn’t take more than ten minutes, but we don’t push you in a hurry. It’s better to learn the right technique and worry about the time after. We present you with the wrapping handlebar tape guide.

Taping Handlebars Tips

  • Brake handle caps can be brittle, especially if they are old, take them off carefully.
  • After removing the old bar tape, tightly tape the wiring to the handlebars (this will protect them from sweat as well).
  • Place an extra layer of tape (you can take a piece of the old layer) in places where the knuckles of the palms lie. It will give additional depreciation when driving, especially on bad road sections.

Replace Handlebar Tape Step by Step

how to wrap handlebars
  1. Apply the tape to the edge of the handlebar so that the edge of the tape “hangs” by about 0.5cm. If you leave too little or too much ribbon hanging, the plug will either fall out or it will not fit at all.
  2. Keep the tape evenly stretched and keep the pitch of the reel the same. Note the profile of the ribbon. If you wrap the ribbon in a small pitch, the ribbon will run out before the length of the handlebars. If you do a large pitch, the tape will not hold well and the handlebar will be stiff, and this wrapping will not last long.
  3. If you are using a piece of tape to fix the levers, be careful not to block the sticky side of the tape with something foreign, such as dropping it on a dirty floor.
  4. The place where the levers are fastened to the handlebars is obviously the most difficult for wrapping. Maintain tension and change the angle of the tape bicycle handlebars as it passes behind the fastening so that there is no distortion in tension.
  5. It is necessary to keep the tape tension level and the length of the step wrapping at the end. It is still possible to rewind a couple of turns at this stage.
  6. Cut the edge of the ribbon with scissors so that the edge of the ribbon at the last revolution is perpendicular to the handlebar (it is difficult to explain, but you will understand when you get to this stage).
  7. Most ribbons come with branded pieces of tape for the final attachment of the ribbons to the straight part of the handlebar, but to be honest, the regular tape is much better for this. Gently wrap the tape around the edge in a few turns.
  8. The final touch — bar end plugs — keep in mind that without them, you will not be allowed in most serious races, so do not lose them. If there is a logo on the lid, then put it evenly. How to put it: fold all the edges of the wrapping under the lid and drive it tightly into the handlebar so that the edges do not stick out.
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