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How to Open a Bike Lock: Full Instruction (U-Lock, Chain Lock, etc.)

How to Open a Bike Lock

Bicycle theft is rapidly gaining momentum as a form of criminal activity. The cost of the average bike is already over $1,000, which, along with the absence of registration numbers and the lightweight of the two-wheeled “horse” makes it a very attractive target for thieves.

How to Open a Bike Lock without the Key?

The main remedy for protecting bikes from theft is a special bike lock. It can be used to fasten a bicycle to a fence, rack, or other fixed structure. It is impossible to open such locks without special tools, so bike thieves usually prefer not to mess with the fastened bikes, and look for a more accessible “victim”.

But in certain situations, bike locks can turn from a means of protection into a real headache for the owner. The question appears: how to cut open a bike lock? This can happen in the following circumstances:

  • the lock key is broken or lost;
  • the secret combination code lock has been forgotten;
  • the wire is blocked in the lock;
  • vandals have clogged the lock well with foreign objects.

In such situations, you will have to try to unlock the lock yourself or with the help of specialists.

How to Cut a Bike Lock: General Guidelines

There are a few rules to help open locked bicycle locks:

  • Make a spare set of lock keys in advance and keep them separate from the main one.
  • Write the combination down in your phone or notebook in case you unexpectedly forget it.
  • Mechanical locks can be opened with a pin or other similar object. The complexity and duration of the procedure depend on the secrecy of the mechanism and your skills.
  • How to cut bike lock cable? In an extreme case, you can cut or split chain locks with bolt cutters or other tools. This will cause permanent damage to the mechanism, but it allows you to free the bicycle.
  • Often bike locks will not open because of dirt that has accumulated inside. This can be eliminated by blowing out with compressed air or by treating the locks with a special penetrating lubricant.
How to Cut a Bike Lock

The most reasonable way to open mechanical locks without a key is to perform manipulations with the secret part. This method allows you not only to open the device and unlock your bike but also to keep the lock itself undamaged. How to cut a bike lock without bolt cutters? To perform this procedure, you will need two paper clips or hairpins.

From one, you need to make tweezers with the ends bent at an angle of 90 degrees. The second paper clip should be straightened and bend a small hook on its tip. Insert bent tweezer ends, apply a little pressure and rotate in the direction of the opening mechanism. Using the second paper clip, start manipulating the pins. Each pin should be pressed until it is in the desired position. At this point, the lock mechanism should rotate slightly. After all the pins are in the right positions, the lock is unlocked.

How to Cut a Bike Chain Lock with a Code Mechanism?

Code locks are the most popular bicycle anti-theft means. However, they are the ones with the most problems related to unlocking. Bicycle owners simply forget the code to the lock and can’t find the right combination.

How to Cut a Bike Chain Lock with a Code Mechanism

The cheapest and simplest code locks open quite simply. They have only three windows for numbers, which corresponds to 1,000 combinations. You can go through all the options in an hour. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  1. We turn the wheels to the combination “000”.
  2. Pull the ends of the lock cable.
  3. If the two adjacent digits are in the right combination, there will be a small gap in the lock.

Try the combinations one by one until the bicycle lock opens completely. Some lock models make a slight clicking sound the moment a digit is selected correctly. Also, at this point the teeth of the locking mechanism shift, which you can feel with your fingers.

Popular Cyclotech Lock: How to Break a Bike Chain?

Cyclotech code locks are a great solution for your bike. It’s a practical device that provides basic bike security. It is long enough to fasten the vehicle to a variety of structures, including those at a distance. The lock is locked with a 4-digit code that provides 10,000 combinations. This device is characterized by a good combination of quality and price.

Cyclotech Lock for bicycle

Instructions for those who need to open the Cyclotech bike lock mechanism if you forget the code:

  1. Set any number from 0 to 99 on the first toggle switch of the lock.
  2. Find a special marker on the fixed part of the device. Each digit must pass through it three times before proceeding to the next level.
  3. Pass this marker on each level and pick the correct cipher to the lock.
  4. Reaching the third level, turn the dial counterclockwise until the desired digit matches the mark. After that, the bike lock should open.

Remember! After opening the locks, it is desirable to create a new code and write it down on the phone just in case.

Important! Selecting the code to the lock is a long and tedious procedure. Prepare to spend several hours on monotonous work. If you do not have enough time and patience, it is better to call a specialist to open the locks. This way you will save both time and nerves.

How to Break a U-lock?

U-locks (also called D-locks) are mostly large and consist of two parts. An arc of sturdy material adjoins the straight bar and snaps around the selected object, resembling the shape of the letter D.

This lock was first produced by Kryptonite (how to cut a Kryptonite bike lock?) in the seventies, and had a high level of security, becoming a great alternative to heavy chains. Today, U-locks are offered by many bicycle lock companies, including Abus, Oxford, and OnGuard.

How to Break a U-lock

Well, How to Cut a Bike U-lock?

Use a pen. Take out the rod from the pen, which would help you open the lock. You also need the tube from the pen that will be left after you take the rod out. You must insert this tube into the keyhole of your lock, placing it tightly there. Remember, you need to find a handle that fits the size of the keyhole.

Push and twist the knob inside the keyhole. Now, with one hand hold the U-shaped lock tightly, and with the hand, start turning the knob and pushing it into the lock. Twist with your wrist, not with your hand, as this makes more sense. This method takes from several minutes to half an hour. All this time you have to keep twisting the tube from the knob in the keyhole until you hear the lock open. With effort, you will definitely feel that the lock is open, and you can disengage the lock from the bike.

What Kind of Bike Lock Is Impossible to Open?

No bicycle lock is completely safe. Every device can either be opened by manipulative methods or simply by cutting, sawing, or unscrewing the cable. This is something to consider not only when you need an emergency opening mechanism, but also whenever you are securing your bicycle on the street or in the entryway.

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