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How to Store Your Bike in Apartment – Tips and Advices

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You may face the most common problem each cyclist faces – where and how to store your bike in a house. There’re a lot of tips and devices which will help to organize your household space properly and here’s a few of them.

The main place where you can store your bike without damaging your personal space located outside the home. Staircase or a basement can serve this purpose together with rental places in residential buildings where you live if you don’t own a garage.

But these measures have several disadvantages. First, your bicycle will be out of your sight and secondly, it may take more time to prepare your bike for a ride which is especially uncomfortable if you cycle every day to work and back.

Balcony is another place where you can store your bike which will be handier than the above-mentioned options. Floor, wall, and ceiling anchorages can help you to save some extra place on your balcony as well as protect your bike from external factors. But this storing method has one big disadvantage – temperature changes can damage your bike’s parts with the changing of the seasons. Low and high temperatures are able to damage the rubber and some other parts such as the gear system and brakes. Also, humidity and extreme dryness can cause rusting.

Designers have created numerous devices that will allow you to store your bike in your apartment comfortably

where to keep the bike

Wall anchors allow you to hang your bike easily wherever you want, minimizing the occupied area. Special shelves can hold a few bicycles, and some closets include specialized sections for bikes and attendant accessories.

Bicycle closet could be placed wherever you want and fit your interior perfectly.

Also, bicycle anchorage could be placed behind a rarely used door making your bike completely invisible.

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