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How to Spend More Time on Your Bike and What Steals the Opportunities to go for a Ride Every Day

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Have you ever wondered how much you spend staring at your phone’s screen? The majority of smartphones provide us with weekly reports which show you how much screen time you had during the past week.

The average amount of weekly screen time reaches thirteen hours no matter what occupation a person has. These rates are equal for cyclists, office clerks, freelancers, and service workers.

But when it comes to cyclists the unchanging question rises – how a cyclist can find spare time for training and rides? The modern life tempo doesn’t leave us much free time. 9 to 5 work schedules, household routine, commute, and other everyday activities take up all free time.

But still, we manage to spend from six to sixteen hours meaninglessly staring at the phone’s screen. A cyclist should put aside his smartphone to be more productive and make room for cycling.

Outdoor activity is necessary for our life

Smartphones, notifications, social media, and other wanton entertainments significantly decrease our productivity. These six or sixteen hours could be spent on cycling and outdoor activity such as physical training or short but pleasant rides.

It’s better to put away your smartphone and show more productivity in your workplace or complete your household routine more effectively and faster. The most important thing for every cyclist is to go out in nature as often as possible to keep the physical shape on a proper level.

You can track your cycling activity by installing a small bicycle computer that allows you to track your activity, cadence, gather, and analyze your physical results.

Daily rides will help you to keep the connection with nature and witness seasonal changes. Constant riding will help you to adapt to the changing climate. You can save an hour of free time every day putting your phone aside to perform short and pleasant rides.

That doesn’t mean that you need to completely abandon your smartphone but you should think about the usefulness of such a pastime. Ask yourself and honestly answer – can browsing a smartphone bring you such joy and self-satisfaction as cycling does?

Perhaps not. It’s rare that browsing a smartphone leaves you with positive and inspiring emotions. Isn’t it better to go out and make something that gives the real vibes?

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