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How to Ship a Bike

shipping a bicycle

Fans of two-wheeled travel face the problem of bike transporting when planning a cycling trip in a fairly remote place. Pedaling yourself can be fun, but if your transport is not mentioned for the road, then bicycle shipping by car or public transport is the best option. In this article, we will help you to choose the best way to ship a bicycle.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Bike

When transporting the bike in the car, you should consider the dimensions of the bike and the car itself. If you have a spacious off-road vehicle and take no more than one passenger, you will be able to place a two-wheeled transport in the cabin of the car easily.

If you remove the front wheel and move the handlebar, you can ship bike across the country even more compact. This way, the bike can easily fit in the trunk of the car or the cabin.

Advantages of transportation in the trunk or cabin

  • There is no need to use any additional devices;
  • Completely free of charge method.


  • There is a possibility of damage to the bicycle attachments;
  • After the ride, you will have to put the dirty equipment in the trunk again;
  • There is a possibility of damage to the interior of the car;
  • It is possible to damage the paintwork of the bike;
  • Can not be used when more than two people in the car or luggage.

Shipping a Bicycle on the Roof of a Car

shipping a bike

It is possible to reliably strengthen one or more models of bikes on the roof of the car with a special device. Transporting bicycles on the roof of the car – the most popular option.

You can attach the bike on the roof of a car with the frame, the pedals, or the fork (if you remove the front wheel), or to the handlebar of the bike (the bike must be turned over).

Steel product will cost cheaper than aluminum, but it looks less attractive and is not equipped with anti-theft locks. Reliable and beautiful aluminum fasteners will last a long time, but the price of one such accessory will be significant.

The advantages of transporting a bike on the roof

  • The bike does not need to be prepared for transportation;
  • It will be immediately ready for use on arrival at the site;
  • Low price for such a product.

The disadvantages

  • Each device is designed for only one bike, if you need to transport more than one, you will have to buy additional;
  • Women and children will have difficulty installing a two-wheeled iron product on the roof of the car;
  • you hear a constant rumble when driving a car because of air resistance.

Transporting a bicycle on the towbar of a car

how to ship a bike

The ability to use the towbar in the transportation of bicycles will be beneficial to those who have already installed this accessory. Special devices for the installation of any two-wheeled models are used on an existing towbar.

You can appreciate the convenience of transporting the bike on the towbar when transporting several models of bikes. The capabilities of this device can install up to four bikes, and reliable fasteners will not let them get lost.

Advantages of transportation

  • Ease of attachment as there is no need to lift the bike high;
  • Good option if you have more than one bike;
  • The most secure fastening;
  • No possibility of bike displacement during transportation;
  • The possibility to use the trunk.

The disadvantages

  • Buying and installing a towbar is quite expensive;
  • Models of low price segment may close the car number;
  • Insurance payments in case of an accident will not be able to cover the cost of repairing the car.

Thank you for finished reading! We hope you now know how to transport your bike correctly and can choose the best way to ship a bike for you.

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