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How to Sell a Bike on Craigslist? How to Prepare Your Bike to Sell It Online?

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Why Selling a Bike Online?

Active recreation is the most effective way to keep yourself in shape, and just to give yourself positive emotions. Someone for this purpose visits fitness clubs, someone swims in the pool, and someone prefers riding bicycles within the city in alleys and parks or extreme riding on a mountain bike, or BMXs. Any of these methods requires not only good physical fitness but also the right equipment. It’s worth noting that it’s not cheap, which is why many people prefer to buy used bicycles and various accessories for them online. There is a different type of bicycle transport for each type of cycling, but you can easily sell your bike with the help of online sites and choose another that is more suitable to your needs.

Craigslist is the best place to sell bikes online or to buy a bike and its accessories, clothing for this type of recreation, and various spare parts. In addition, on this website you can post information about selling bicycles and bicycle accessories that you feel sorry to throw away – they may also be useful to someone. This article is about the problem of how to sell your bike online. Let’s go!

How to Sell Bikes Online?

How to Sell Bikes Online?

Everyone has their reasons for selling a bike on Craigslist. Some urgently need money and selling a bicycle is one of the appropriate options to gain some. Others have accumulated several bikes, some of which do not make any sense to use, so they decided to get rid of them. The following tips will help speed up the sales process and get more money for the two-wheeled vehicle.

The “selling old bikes” process can be divided into several stages.

The First Step Is to Prepare Before Selling a Bicycle Online

Preparing your bike to sell involves cleaning it. Before posting an ad on the Internet or meeting with a buyer, it is highly recommended to wash the bike. Particular attention should be paid to the transmission, which is one of the most contaminated places. This is explained by the adhesion of dust and other substances to the grease. It is recommended to wash the frame, using a soft sponge soaked in a soapy solution, this will avoid clogging the active elements of the “iron horse”. Wash the wheels well, it will give your bike a more marketable look. We have already written an article about how to wash your bike well. After reading this article, we recommend you read that one!

The Second Step Is to Repair Minor Breakdowns

The main step before selling my bike online is maintenance and repair. If a bike repair shop is available, you should use their services, repairing breakdowns will be much cheaper, compared to the discount demanded by the buyer. Also, it will be much easier to find demand for the bike if the breakdowns on the bike are as minor as possible. If you have the technical skills to repair the “iron horse” and the availability of the necessary tools, it is recommended to focus on the condition of the brakes and shifting system. It’s also worth eliminating all backlashes if any. Then make sure the bearings are secure.

You should pre-check the condition of the chain, wash it and lubricate it. You should also pay attention to the condition of the fork before selling the bike. It is required to pre-lubricate the components of the system withspecial oil. The cause of poor running is often a contaminated duster. Maintenance of the fork should be entrusted to professionals, it is one of the most complex systems in a bicycle. If handled carelessly, it can break down or malfunction in the future. Any element of the bike must work in such a way that it does not cause any complaints to you. Then the customer will also be satisfied with the purchase. Remember the simple truth before selling used bicycles: if there are any malfunctions, you will have to pay a discount, which will be more expensive than fixing the problem.

The Third Step Is Communication with the Buyer

Attention should be paid to the process of communication with the potential buyer. When placing ads about selling bikes on Craigslist, it is required to be guided by the rules of the domain. Information about the condition of your bike should be placed in accordance with the blocks on the site. Be sure to specify the size of the frame and wheels. It is recommended to fully and accurately describe the condition of the bike to avoid a bad reputation on the thematic forum. If there is a warranty on the bike or purchase receipt, you should indicate this in the statement of sale, it will have a positive effect on the credibility of potential buyers and help you to sell used bikes online.

It is better to indicate all the scratches and dents right away, then the buyer will have fewer arguments to lower the price since he already knew about all the shortcomings of the bike. Put the price a little higher than what you want to sell for because the buyer is sure to haggle. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to bring the price down a little bit. It is recommended to attach several high-quality photos to the ad when selling bikes on Craigslist.

You also need to pay attention to the main photo. It should cause a desire to buy a bike. In the presence of stickers is not excluded the need to remove them. The buyer may assume that the seller is trying to hide cracks, scratches, or any other defects on the used bike underneath them. If there is value in the sticker, removal should be discussed with the buyer in person. Selling bikes online requires you to pay attention to the manner of communication of the potential buyer. With an adequate person, it is much easier to agree when selling bikes on the Craigslist website. Regular buyers of the website may pay attention to the ad for sale. As a rule, they have a lot of positive feedback, a good reputation, and reviews. You can sell old bikes to those people without any doubt.

The Internet – the Best Place to Sell Used Bikes

The Internet- the Best Place to Sell Used Bikes

In the case of a “sell my bike online”, such as the sale of a bicycle on Craigslist (it is considered to be the best place to sell a bike), the buyer is sent the goods through the postal service. You should find out in advance about the cash on delivery service. The above operation allows you to get the money for the bike without any risk. Also, an advantage is the insurance of the parcel. If it is stolen, the monetary value will be reimbursed. The disadvantage of this type of shipment is the commission on the final sale amount, which will affect the total amount of money received from the bike. However, most sellers and buyers over the Internet use cash on delivery for the minimum risk of fraud on the purchase. It is necessary to specify the buyer’s last name, first name, and patronymic.

All the rules are described in the Craigslist bike trainer instruction. Some scammers offer to arrange for delivery of the parcel to the seller, explaining that it saves money because you do not have to use cash on delivery.

Allegedly the buyer in the delivery service has friends or he works in it. After viewing and a positive response, he transfers the money to the card, and the seller re-registers the parcel in his name. However, instead, a man with a fake passport comes and takes the bike, after paying the delivery fee. In this case, it is unlikely you will be able to get your bike back. It is always recommended to use the service of cash on delivery or send a bicycle on prepayment.

There is another way to sell the bike, which is a personal meeting with the buyer. This is relevant when the buyer is from the same city. You should make an arrangement and appoint the place and time of the meeting. Choose crowded places to sell bikes, as this will reduce the possibility of your bicycle being stolen. It is advisable to arrange a meeting with the buyer in the afternoon, preferably with a friend. There have been cases where bicycles were tried to take away with the help of force or tried to hide on the bike under the pretext of a ride. A friend can help stop an unscrupulous person. Also choose spacious places so that the buyer has the opportunity to take a lap on the bike, to verify its performance and characteristics.

Why Craigslist?

There are several reasons:

  • favorable conditions for placing ads;
  • convenience, because the form itself is simple, and thanks to easy navigation even an unsure user can find the product he is interested in;
  • catalog, relating to the section “Bicycle”, includes several products that are easy to find;
  • to submit an ad, you do not need to register – it is enough to leave your contact information, post information – complete and accurate, and set the price of the goods for sale;
  • posting the ad does not take much time, and the description itself may be detailed;
  • wide coverage of the audience, which means that your ad will be seen by all users of the portal.

Selling a bicycle is a responsible procedure that requires responsibility and is accompanied by dangers. If you follow the precautions described above, you will be able to sell your bicycle and get the amount of money you want for it.

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