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How To Save Your Knees If You’re A Cyclist

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Every kind of sport has its-related health issues which may strike a sportsman at any point in his life. And cycling is not an exception.

Knees and joints health issues are closely related to cycling. During cycling, our knees experience intense and physiologically unnatural physical loads. Extreme loads, wrong foot setting, dehydration, and many other factors can cause chronic and painful diseases of the locomotor system.

Arthritis, osteoporosis, torn ligaments are the most common issues which cyclists can face. These issues may deprive you of cycling and normal life. So it is very important to know how to save your knees if you’re a cyclist.

There’re many ways of how your knees could be damaged:


We all have heard about the importance of hydration during physical activities. But cycling requires a way more serious attitude to this nuance. Our joints need a lot of liquid to keep themselves hydrated. A lack of water may cause irreversible damage and deformation.

Drink a quarter of a liter of water every twenty minutes to keep yourself hydrated enough to not damage your joints and knees by dehydration and shrinking.

Low cadence


You need to maintain a certain pedaling frequency to lower the pressure on your knees. Recommended cadence equals eighty to a hundred revolutions per minute. Keep the right cadence to ease the load from your joints and ligaments. Prolonged pressure can damage your joints as well as tore the ligaments. Our joints cannot be trained to cope with unnatural and excessive physical loads.

«Cold» joints

You need to warm up your ligaments and joints before a long ride. It is very easy to damage or overload unwarmed joints. Unwarmed joints could easily catch a cold also.

A few dozen sit-ups, proper hydration, and a little bit of warm-up will be enough to prepare your knees for a long, intense ride. Once you start to cycle, don’t load your knees too much, and increase your speed with time.


how to safe knees

Wrong and improper posture can cause numerous health issues damaging your locomotor system and legs. You can regulate the stem, seat post, quick release mechanism, and other moving parts of your bicycle to ease the load from your knees.

Also, you should remember that you need to almost fully straighten your legs during cycling leaving it just a little bit bent. It is a necessary condition. You should never ride a bike which doesn’t suit you or is too small or low for you, a BMX bike for example which would destroy your joints very fast.

Wrong foot posture

Wrong foot posture will distort your legs sharpening your joints. This can cause irreversible damage and joint diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

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