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How to Ride a Bike

Learning how to ride a bike is not so difficult. First, you need to tune yourself to a positive result. Find a good and adjusted bike. Find a flat area (you can do it with a slight slope). And finally, allocate a couple of hours of free time.

We recommend dividing the training process into some consecutive stages.

The bike should be adjusted to suit your needs

learning bike riding

If the bike is adjusted correctly, then a person sitting in the saddle will reach the bottom pedal with his foot, while the leg should be slightly bent. At the same time, the legs must reach the ground. It is a necessary step in learning to ride a bike because, at first, you will have to stand with your feet on the ground, much more than riding.

Over time, as you learning cycling, you will need to reconfigure the bike so that the foot extends fully at the lower point of the pedal movement, and only socks can reach the ground.

Standing still, you should understand what each handle is responsible for and how the brakes work. We advise beginners to use only the rear brake, as front brake control is quite difficult and dangerous. Therefore, you should press the rear brake handle and get on your bicycle and lean on the ground. If you can do the exercise without falling, you can say you are learning how to ride a bicycle and are ready to move on to the next step.

Keep your balance

You should get in the saddle and try to keep the balance without releasing the brake handle. To do this, we recommended trying to get your feet off the ground for a while. The exercise allows you to feel the bike, its comfort, and balance.

How to ride a bicycle without pedals

The next exercise will be similar to riding on a Balance bicycle, without pedals, but with the help of pushes. It is best to start this kind of movement with a slight slope.

Remember that a bicycle starts to fall when it stops moving; the balance of a bike depends on the pace; the higher the speed — the higher the stability. As the first panic passes, you should move on to trying to control your bicycle with the handlebar. You can already choose the road you want to ride on.

When learning to ride a bicycle, you should not look under your feet or on the pedals. A real cyclist looks at the road otherwise you lose the sense of horizon and a sense of balance.

How to pedal on a bike

Let’s proceed to work with the pedals. It is hard to learn to ride a bike adult if you do not understand the work of this mechanism.

Now you need to lift the rear wheel and scroll the pedals a little bit so that the chain switches to the right sprockets.

  1. The next thing you need to do is to determine the driving leg, i.e. the one that will be more comfortable to press the pedal when you start moving forward.
  2. Let’s get on the bike and bring the pedal for this leg practically parallel to the lower frame. Hold the brake, the leading leg should be placed on the pedal, and the second leg remains on the ground.
  3. Release the brake, press the pedal of the driving foot with the whole body weight, the second foot is pushed away and becomes on the pedal.
  4. Hold the balance, move the reel, try to control the bike.
  5. Make a stop and repeat everything from the beginning. Keep learning bike riding until you are fully confident in your ability to start on your own without using slopes.

Push the pedals!

Push the pedals as much as you can. Try to gain speed. At this stage of learning how to ride a bicycle, you can stop and even fall. Do not despair with each time the distance you manage to ride will increase.

Ride with a body tilt

Now we must learn to move straight. The fact is that by tilting the bike in one direction or another, the rider gives him the direction of turning. That is, by tilting to the left, the bike also moves to the left. To counteract this, you can tilt the body in the opposite direction. Now it is necessary to ride until you feel the unity of the body and the bike, a feeling that the bike is a controlled part of the body.

Riding a bicycle with a handlebar

Continue learning bicycle riding without tilting the body, but only by steering. In practice, turns with handlebars are used at low speeds, and turns using the body are better when riding at high speeds.

Final exam

Ride 100 meters forward, brake, turn around on the move, go back. If everything worked out, now you can say that you have acquired the skill of riding a bike and you should only improve it!

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