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How to Ride a Bike in a Skirt? Feel Free to Dress Up in a Short Skirt on a Bike!

Riding a Bike in a Dress: Is It Real?

Riding a Bike in a Dress: Is It Real?

A bicycle is a great thing with which to increase walking time and keep your muscles toned. Many women take out their bikes with the arrival of warm days and don’t put them away until late fall. But not every woman likes to wear athletic underwear and wear bike shorts, especially in the heat. Many women are more comfortable riding in mini skirts on bikes. But because skirts and dresses often get snagged, women are often forced to dress for their rides in ways they don’t want to.

However, a skirt or dress is quite suitable for cycling. But cycling in such clothes has a number of peculiarities. There is little discussion about this topic, and many people make the mistake of thinking that everyone passing by will be able to see their underwear. Others have never thought about it at all. Any cyclist has the right to ride as she feels comfortable and as she likes. You shouldn’t limit yourself by focusing on the “what will people say?” thesis invisibly floating in the air in our society. But it makes sense to pay attention to a number of technical points of riding in dresses and skirts on bikes.

A Little History: It’s All Fashion’s Fault!

A Little History: It’s All Fashion’s Fault!

Poor, poor women of the late nineteenth century. At first, men did not want to allow them to ride a bicycle. The “experts” in fashion and medicine (men, of course) argued that a woman and a bicycle were not compatible. But the aunts were persistent. By the end of the 19th century, they got their way: a woman on a bicycle did not shock the well-meaning public.

Fashion was to blame. The fairer sex was supposed to wear a long dress that covered the ankles. How could one perform cycling skirts and dresses? The year 1894 can be called a historical one. That’s when the first cycling suits went on sale. Women made it clear that they liked cycling, and, in general, they did not care about the opinion of others.

The trendsetters mocked the bicycle fans to the fullest. According to the magazine for “true ladies,” the woolen dress had to cover the whole body. And how nice it was to ride in such clothes in the summer heat. The design of the suit allowed turning the skirt into “elegant” pants, i.e. to fix the floors around the ankles. When the riding was terminated, the dress was to be brought to a woman’s proper appearance.

The Best Way to Wear a Short Skirt on Bike

The Best Way to Wear a Short Skirt on Bike

What will it take? In order to avoid the hem of a skirt or dress is tucked in, you’ll have to resort to a little trickery. You will need a not very heavy coin of medium size and a soft rubber band for hair. You can also use an elastic band for money, but it can leave a mark on the material of a skirt or dress.

What to do? The coin should be placed on the back of the hem of the skirt or dress. Then connect it to the front of the hem as if it were shorts. Once connected, the fabric should be fastened by wrapping an elastic band around the coin, gripping the fabric in the process. This will prevent the hem from scuffing while cycling.

Those who want to leave the skirt or dress hanging loosely will need two coins and a pair of elastic bands. Fasten them to both the back and the front. This simple method is extremely effective and simple. The coin and the elastic band do not in any way cramp your movements during the ride. But besides this, their use has another advantage – a rubber band and a coin can easily be removed at any time. This is especially important if a woman is cycling not for a walk, and on business, for example, in the store. Then the ability to quickly remove the “mount” becomes extraordinarily relevant.

The use of the coin to ride in short skirts on bicycles is also very convenient during cycling in the city or when going to the beach. But before you use this method, you need to make sure that the rubber band will not leave marks on the dress you choose for your bike ride. As a rule, on natural fabrics such as linen, silk, or cotton, creases form instantly. Therefore, it is better not to use this method on outfits made of such fabrics.

A woman must remain a woman even on a bicycle! Dress as you like and get on your bike! We hope our article was helpful to you.

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