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How to ride a bike at the night?

when riding a bicycle at night

Night bicycle riding is a very exciting and romantic activity. At this time of day, there are fewer cars on the road, so you can not stick to the curb but move freely in the center of the lane, without fear. Night city is different: night colors, shadows, and sounds. The main thing is to remember about safety.

People avoid cycling at night for various reasons. Most of them work during the day, and in the evening they have no desire or time to ride. Since most people are active during the day, night riding takes advantage. There are fewer cars on the roads at night – especially in the countryside.

Glow When Riding a Bicycle at Night

night cycling safety

Some city streets are very poorly lit, so you will need to mark yourself on the road and become bright. Choose clothes with reflective elements, preferably bright and light colors. Attach two bicycle headlights to the handlebars, the first with halogen light, necessary to light motorists who do not switch to dipped beam, the second LED.

There should be a well-charged blinker on the back of the bike. Provide side reflectors on your bicycle so others can see you from all sides. There are plenty of LED lights for the wheels – stylish, efficient, and safe!

When you bike riding at night with lights on an open path, you can be seen at least a kilometer away – unless the view is covered by hills, trees, or other obstacles. It is convenient for drivers and cyclists who are behind the group.

Be sure to wear a headlamp. Firstly, this way, you can add light to your road, and secondly, if you break a tire, it is easier to light your repair space with such a flashlight than with a phone stuck in your mouth.

The more light, the better you can be seen. As cyclists say: “It’s better to be a Christmas tree on the road than a style icon in hospital.

Night cycling safety

bike at night

Listen to the situation on the road: at night, extreme racing fans and cab drivers go to the road. If you hear strange sounds of roaring motors or screaming brakes, try to take a safe position on the road.

Buy glasses with transparent lenses. Colored lenses are not suitable for bicycle night riding. Do not forget about the helmet, armbands, and knees.

There is another important detail on the road at night: some of the crossroads become non-regulated because the traffic lights on them turn on in “yellow” mode. Look carefully at the sides and give way to the road.

Driving at night is even better in winter than in summer. After all, white snow reflects light well. The fresher the snow, the whiter it is. It also means that in winter, you can turn on your flashlight in the eco-mode. The ray will become duller, but it will be reflected from snowdrifts.

Here are some basic tips:

  • The lanterns will reduce the probability of an accident
  • The light at the back helps cyclists and drivers see each other
  • Front light illuminates the road and indicates a bicycle for cars and pedestrians
  • Reflectors on clothing will make the rider even more visible

A little warning: if you started cycling recently, try not to ride at high speeds. “Feel” the night road. For starters, you can take companions who, like you, have long wanted to ride at night with you. Ride always – at night and even in winter.

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