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How to Ride a Bicycle Like the Danes?

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Danes are worldwide known for their love of bikes. Bicycles are the most common type of transport in Denmark and its bicycle culture is the most developed in the world. Bicycles became an integral part of modern Danish culture and the Dane way of cycling is the most original in the world.

So let’s get familiar with the most characteristic features of it.

Danes talk on the phone during the ride

Although it can look dangerous and inappropriate for abroad guests Danes talk on the phone during the ride. Streets and cycle tracks are filled with talking cyclists. It might look dangerous but the Danish system of cycle tracks and cycle-oriented infrastructure provides safety and comfort for riders. Many cyclists use wireless headphones to keep their hands free and fully control the bike.

Danes carry their groceries home on a bike

Bicycles are a part of everyday life for Danes and at some point their need to make groceries. And they easily do it with the help of bicycle baskets, backpacks, or just bags hanging from handlebars.

Cargo-bicycles carry whole families

Children and one of the parents can enjoy the ride while the less fortunate family member will pedal through the city. This type of bike is very popular because it is the most efficient and comfortable way to carry children in Denmark cities.

Danes cycle all year long

All seasons are good for cycling according to Danes despite snow, rains, and storms which are common in Denmark. The correct way to cycle in nasty weather is based upon the choice of clothing. Weatherproof jackets, pants, and boots will protect you from the elements while the government will watch after the cycle tracks.

Danes like fashion

Danes have a great taste in fashion. Danish cyclists look very trendy and can be confused with fashion models. Cycling in heels is a regular thing here.

Danes cycle all life long

There’re plenty of elderly cyclists who are able to surpass the young ones. Cycling in Denmark is a way of life and thousands of Danes cannot imagine their life without their bikes.

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