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How To Replace Shifter Cable

replacing shifter cables

A newcomer to the world of biking may have difficulty replacing shifter cables. However, this simple operation can be performed by almost anyone.

You need a minimum set of tools and new parts to replace. The entire procedure will take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Of course, if you read this article and follow our gear shift cable replacement guide.

When you use your bike, it is exposed to different environmental factors. Sand scratches the coating, and moisture speeds up rusting. What’s more, the operation of gear elements, such as the cable, implies wear and tear over time. So if your transmissions don’t switch as easily and clearly as on the first day, it may be time for a bike gear cable replacement.

Fortunately, you can do this with minimal skills in the maintenance of bicycle transport.

What do you need for installing shifter cables?

  • A bicycle with an old cable
  • Set of new cable with cover and cap
  • Allen hexagonal
  • Cutters

It is in every garage, and only a new cable will make you go to the nearest store. Once you have collected everything you need, you can start.

Bike Gear Cable Replacement: step by step

how to replace shifter cable
  1. Flip the bike upside down and press the pedals. Switchgear so that the chain is on the smallest gears.
  2. Remove the ribbon from the handlebars to access the gearshift.
  3. Bite the cap of the old cable near the rear sprocket.
  4. Take out the cable and the old hood completely, but hurry to throw it away.
  5. Measure the size of the new equipment by the size of the old cable.
  6. Install the new cable in the switch and pull it through the hood.
  7. Insert the cable into the switch, put the caps on, and clamp it.
  8. Cut off the extra cable to make everything look beautiful.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to replace bike shifter cable. You may get your hands a little dirty with grease or hurt yourself with the fibers of the cable. It is OK, you just need a little practice. Usually, it doesn’t take more than ten minutes.

But once you change it you will feel an improvement immediately. Riding a bike again will be fun, and the chain will jump from gear to gear easily and quickly.

You shouldn’t ignore the part of vehicle maintenance that is a cable replacement. It wears out quite quickly depending on the operating conditions. The same is true for brake cables. They are clogged with small particles of road mud and lose their rigidity, stretching over time. Replace them with our tips to feel confident and safe on the road.

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