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How to Remove Rust from Bike?

how to remove rust from bikes

Your bike needs constant care. If you leave it in unfavorable conditions for only a few weeks, you are likely to find orange-brown marks on the metal parts. If this is the case, you should consider removing rust from the bike.

You should do this to maintain safety and preserve the operational properties of the mechanism. Beauty, though importantness is in second place. Riding on a brown iron is not cool!

But before ordering a fancy bike rust remover, read our advice on how to make it yourself and clean rust off the bike at home.

Best rust remover for bicycle

bike rust remover

In the 21st century, new technologies appear every day, which makes such a problem as rust ridiculous. There are dozens of powerful bike rust removers in the market. You can choose both classic WD-40 and ultramodern expensive means, but there is something that has a special place.

Those who use the bike as a daily means of transportation know that a mixture of soda and vinegar creates a paste that removes rust from bike parts. You can easily make it yourself. What you need:

  • Soda
  • Vinegar
  • A little lemon juice

Mix equal parts of soda and vinegar until the mixture turns into a paste. Lemon acid will help the reaction go faster and more intense. Rust on a bike seems to be a difficult problem, but the soda and vinegar will cope with it without additional effort.

This product is the cheapest and at the same time, one of the most effective for our purposes. Ingredients can be found literally in every home. You do not even have to go to the store. Just ask your mother or girlfriend or wife to give you everything you need, as it is usually stored in the kitchen.

Maybe the sprays from the store promise to get the rust off the bike faster and more efficiently, but they cost a lot more. What’s more, you’ll need to look for them when everything you need is already waiting for you at home. The higher efficiency is also questionable. In most cases, the rusted bicycle will shine if you use homemade paste correctly.

Step-by-step instructions for removing rust from bike parts

rust on bike

No matter what kind of bike rust remover you use, our advice will be useful to you. The first piece of advice is to protect your skin. Since you’re going to work with a rust remover for a bicycle, you can only imagine how your skin will suffer from it. Wear gloves made of dense rubber. Find protective goggles or at least try not to scratch your eyes while you remove rust from bike parts. Of course, it is advisable to perform this operation outdoors to inhale harmful particles less. Now you are ready to defeat the rust on the bike. Follow the instructions:

  1. Clean your vehicle from dirt and dust.
  2. Apply the bike rust remover evenly to all problem areas.
  3. Give it 10-15 minutes.
  4. Use a metal brush to clean rust off the bike.
  5. Wipe off the rest of the paste or spray with a dry cloth.

Your bike looks incomparably better now. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your cycle significantly. You should make a habit of getting rid of dust and dirt after each ride to avoid rust on the bike again.

How to get the rust off the bike for a long time

clean rust off bike

At the end of the cleaning process, we advised you to wipe all parts of your bike dry for a reason. Rust comes from metal oxidation, which means that any moisture, even that in the air, speeds up the process. So if you don’t wipe it after removing rust from the bike, you will find an even more rusted bicycle the next morning.

That is why you need to protect the metal from contact with air. It will help not to waste energy and prolong the perfect look of your vehicle. Moreover, every detail of your bike has different functions and requires an appropriate approach.

This way, the grease protects the bicycle chain and gears. Other coatings will quickly wear off here due to high loads. Varnish or paint will keep you from removing rust from the bicycle frame. Wax is another water repellent that will help you.

If you overdo it while removing rust from bike parts and damage the paint or varnish, your vehicle will get even more corrosion soon. Coat such an area or any unprotected metal with wax to prolong the perfect appearance.

Now you know how to remove rust from bikes. Although this is a basic rule of care, many bicyclists neglect it. A rusty bike looks unattractive, but it is not the biggest problem. Corrosion literally destroys metal, so the mechanisms become more fragile and subject to sudden breakdowns.

That is why the shining of your bike is a safety issue. After all, you want to make sure that the wheels do not fall off, and the frame will not bend if you accelerate a little more than usual.

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