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How to Put Air in Bicycle Tires?

Riding on a flat tire fraught with many consequences: from deterioration of maneuverability and reduced speed dynamics by increasing the area of contact of the tire with the ground, to punctures and damage to the wheels. Besides, excessive pressure promises deterioration of traction and the risk of a tube blowout. We will tell you how to inflate bicycle tires, how to use a bike pump, and if you can do it without special devices.

How to pump bike tire wheel with a hand pump?

how to use a bike pump

A pump for bicycles is an indispensable device in the arsenal of every cyclist. Its presence allows you to solve the issue with the pressure in the tires yourself, rather than driving the bike to the gas station or service.

Hand pumps on the market are usually divided into two categories: ordinary and equipped with a manometer – a special registering device. It allows you to get an accurate reading of the pressure in the wheels during inflation, rather than constantly checking the hardness of the tire. For riding on asphalt trails, the recommended pressure is 3.5 atm, for riding on dirt – 2.8 atm.

How to pump bicycle tire with a hand pump: algorithm of actions

how to put air in bicycle tires
  1. Put the wheel with the valve facing down.
  2. Hold the valve stem and unscrew the protective cap and let all the air out
  3. Insert the pump outlet nipple and unscrew the valve.
  4. Standing the device vertically and moving the piston rod smoothly pump the air into the chamber.

Road bikes and some hybrid bikes have wheels with a thin valve. These tires require extreme care in handling, as well as a special pump of small volume, or an adapter for road bike tires pump.

How do I inflate my bicycle with a car pump?

Most models of modern bicycles are equipped with a car nipple, which allows you to inflate the tube at regular gas stations directly.

How to inflate bike tires with a car nipple

  1. After releasing the nipple, insert the compressor nozzle.
  2. If using a universal pump, the jumper should be installed with the larger end facing outward in the “auto nipple” position.
  3. Close the front cover and connect the pump
  4. While you are doing this, check the pressure you need.

How to inflate a bicycle tire with a thin nipple at the gas station

First of all, you must install a special adapter at the outlet end of the tire

Attach a compressor

If a universal pump is used, the jumper should be installed with its thin end facing outward.

Inflate several times until the required pressure is reached.

How to fill bike tires without a pump

Not everyone knows that a standard camera can be inflated without using a pump. Of course, achieving optimum tire pressures will require a constant supply of air, but the minimum acceptable values are quite achievable. Let’s look at a few ways:

Inflating tires with a vacuum cleaner

Many vacuum cleaner models have a blow-out mode that allows air to be blown out instead of being drawn in. This is the function you should use to inflate your tires. A flexible hose can be used to connect the unit to the nipple. The more tightly this connection will be, the more acceptable pressure values can be achieved, so for greater sealing use any improvised means: clamps, rubber pads, pieces of cloth.

Pumping up bike tires with bottle compressor

road bike tires pump

You can also pump the bike with two simple plastic bottles, one of which will act as a rod, and the other as a cylinder. First of all, you need to cut off the bottom of the bottle and using a thin hose connect its neck to the outlet of the camera. Then insert the second bottle into this construction and start pumping bicycle air into the hose through the cylinder. To make the joint between the neck and the hose airtight, you need to smear it with sealant or put a suitably sized rubber pad.

Airing up bike tires by mouth

This method will help if the wheels are flat, and you do not have anything in your arsenal to inflate them. By removing the nipple you can inflate the wheel of a bicycle as a balloon. However, to do this is not easy, also, there is a risk of letting all the air out.

Some options may seem a little extreme to you, but situations, where you lose the use of personal transportation, can be critical. You have to be prepared for the problems you will encounter when traveling on your bike and flat tires are one of the most common breakdowns. That is why you should take a minimal set of tools with you.

Although it is possible to inflate bicycle tires without using a pump, it is better to have this compact and easy-to-use device at your disposal. Properly inflated wheels – the key to a comfortable ride without unpleasant surprises in the form of burst tires or punctures.

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