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How to Make Your Bike Eco-Friendlier Than It Is

make your bike eco friendlier

Bicycles are the most environmentally-friendly and eco-sustainable transport which was ever made. And it is hard to underestimate the role which bicycles play in today’s society.

We use them to get to work in the morning and back home in the evening, exercise ourselves, spend a great time with our friends or alone, and enjoy this wonderful feeling of freedom and self-reliance.

But everything has its cost. There’s always something environmentally unsound no matter how ecologically-friendly your bicycle is. We’re throwing away disposable packaging when we’re buying a new bicycle. We buy additional accessories, plastic bottles, batteries for the lights, spare tires, and many other things to provide ourselves with comfort and confidence during the rides.

Some cycling-related items are necessary if you’re riding a bike and some are not. But they all have one thing in common – they all can be replaced with environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Bike riding already brings a lot of good for the environment but still, we can do better.

How you can make your bike more environmentally-friendly than it is

bottle for water
  • Replace your plastic water bottle with a glass or metal alternative. Glass bottle is heavier than a plastic option and might break during the ride. But special bottle holders could solve this issue. Glass bottle is necessary if you’re buying disposable plastic bottles for a ride all the time.
  • Store-bought snacks such as energy bars, granola, and others almost always go with disposable plastic packaging. You can take your own homemade snacks with you such as homemade granola bars, fruits, and sandwiches in green packaging.
  • Tires and air cameras are made from rubber and it is commonly known that rubber production emits catastrophic amounts of toxic fumes and chemical compounds into the environment. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid accidental piercings. And sometimes we’re forced to change our tire and throw away an old one. Vacuum tires can help you to avoid unnecessary waste and save money. These tires are not afraid of thorns, broken glass pieces, pine needles, and sharp rocks on the road and they cannot be pierced as easy as regular tires can be.
  • Replace disposable batteries in your lights to rechargeable alternatives and you will prevent emitting a few dozens of toxic and non-recyclable batteries. Batteries include mercury, lead, magnesium, cadmium, and nickel – substances which in large concentrations can conduct to death. Disposable batteries are one of the most hazardous wastes which enter the environment on a daily basis.
tire for wheel

These measures will help you to make your bike more environmentally-friendly without compromising your comfort. Riding a bike instead of a car or a bus greatly contributes to the environmental state and there’s no reason not to make your bike greener than it ever was.

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