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How to Make Long-Distance Cycling Easier Using Six Simple Tips

long distance riding

Long rides bring special feeling because they are not like our everyday rides to work and back or evening promenades. Such rides bring you the feeling of freedom and open-mindedness.

Long-distance rides take a lot of time and physical efforts to be successfully completed. You need to know a few basics to fully enjoy long-distance cycling and not harm yourself.


You need to appropriately compute your physical abilities and endurance. Make a warmup at the beginning of the ride and watch after the cadence and pedaling frequency. There’s no need to overload yourself because there’re a lot of miles ahead.

Hydration and nutrition

Your body will need a lot of energy and liquid to cope with serious physical stress such as long-distance cycling. Frequent food and water intakes are necessary to receive all needed calories and liquid and to not exhaust your organism.

Divide your long ride into different stages

Maybe it’s better to not perceive the forthcoming ride as plain and monotone riding. You can virtually divide your route into a few stages each of which will be characterized by its own intensity and tension.

Be prepared for anything

bicycle in the wood

Many displeasure occasions could occur at any stage of your ride. You may meet some rider in need or simply get lost. Bring a small toolset, flats repairing kit, a map, a smartphone and cash with you to be ready for everything.

Go with the wind

Wind can give you a great hand if it’s blowing at your back but a headwind can also make your ride much harder. Catch the wind to ease your pedaling. You can also change your route to follow the wind.

Ease your shoulders and arms

Long-distance rides require intense muscle work and great physical efforts. Neck and back muscles are under the greatest strain so you should stretch them from time to time to ease the stress.

You can lean back or pull your hands behind the back. Leg straightening can also help you to relieve the stress from leg muscles.

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