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How to Lock Up a Bike: Full Instruction! GPS Tracker for Bicycle

how to reset a bike lock without the combination

Do you securely strap on your bicycle? Even if it is expensive or not, you would feel bad if one day you did not find it in the place where you recently left it. Securely securing your bike is important, at least make it as difficult as possible for a thief to steal your bike. Vehicle theft is not a rare occurrence. No one is immune to theft. If you know the simple rules of proper bicycle parking and storage, it will be difficult to do so. The risk of theft will be minimal. If you do not take care of the safety of your bicycle, it may soon have another owner. Let’s answer the question of how to lock up a bike together!

How to Lock a Bike Properly: Recommendations

Here are some general tips:

  • You should always secure your bicycle, even if you are away for a short time. This seemingly simple condition for the happy use of a bicycle is not followed by everyone. You must agree that a car owner does not leave his car open in the parking lot, even if he only needs to go away for a few minutes. So the owner of a bicycle should make it a rule: if you need to leave your two-wheeled friend in the street, it must be buckled up. There are no exceptions.
  • When strapping on your bike, always check the rack to make sure it is sturdy and well secured.
  • Choose the right parking space. It’s ideal to store your bike in a hallway, on a loggia, or near your place of work. Only in these cases will you have no worries about keeping your bike safe. If you have to park your bike in other areas for whatever reason, choose these carefully. You should not leave transport unattended in crowded places – at train stations, markets, and shopping malls. Most bicycles are stolen in crowded places, but it’s also risky to leave your bike on a deserted street. Here you should find the golden mean: park your bicycle where there are people all the time, but not too crowded. Leaving your bike in a special parking lot near a mall, movie theater, restaurant, or other public places, look closely at how often it is used by other cyclists. It is not uncommon for a bicycle to be stolen in the parking lots.
  • If a person gets to work or school by bicycle, it is necessary to agree to leave it in a guarded area.
  • Statistics show that out of 150 cases of theft, 73 were committed in the entrances. Therefore, it is better not to park your vehicle there.
  • In addition, secure your bicycle with a rope in addition to the locks.
  • Write down the bicycle number. (We have written the article about the importance of serial numbers, it is time to read it again!). The police will find it faster if it is stolen.
  • Choose a parking area with cameras and good lighting.
  • Do not let strangers ride. Thieves can use any method to steal things.
  • Sometimes a solution that helps against theft is to put the bike in the lowest gear. Once the thief has already stolen it, he can’t get away quickly. It will take time to figure out the gear change. The owner will be able to catch up with him.
  • It is recommended to decorate the vehicle. The brighter the vehicle, the faster it will be found.

How to Pick a Bike Lock?

How to Pick a Bike Lock

There are many kinds of bike locks today, but not all of them are equally reliable. Most cyclists use inexpensive and fairly thin cables with a key or code lock, but such a cable is easy to break – this lock does not provide the proper level of security. It’s a good idea to use the cable as additional protection, but not as the main one. No matter for how long you leave, no matter where you park your bike, the first thing to know is how to properly lock a bike. The lock should be the first item in your luggage. It’s best to buy 2-3 different types of bike locks. Thieves can handle one, while others are difficult to break. It is better to know how to lock your bike to a bike rack with one lock, wheels with another. Set the code and attach the bike frame to the chosen location. Purchase a quality U-lock made of hardened steel. To cut it, one will need hydraulic, expensive scissors. Another best option is to buy a chain lock. Chains are much harder to cut without attracting the attention of bystanders.

Buy good bike locks. Cheap locks can easily be broken or opened. Expansive bike locks are sold at specialist bike stores or in the bike section of a sports store.

How to Lock a Bike: Best Advice

How to Lock a Bike
  1. How to lock a bike with quick-release wheels? The safest way to lock your bike is with two locks to a parking pad firmly anchored in the ground. The first lock should go around the rear wheel, frame, and parking rack. The second should go around the front wheel, frame and parking.
  2. How to lock a bike seat? Here are four ways for you to protect your saddle from theft:
  • bike seat chain lock: using a chain to secure your saddle is not a new invention, but it’s both incredibly simple and incredibly clever;
  • buy an extra cable or lock for the bike seat;
  • use a bolt to secure your saddle;
  • take your saddle with you.
  1. How to use u lock on bike rack: the Sheldon way. Sheldon Brown, a well-known expert in the bike industry, suggests fixing only the rear wheel of the bike to the rack using a U-lock by threading it through the rear triangle of the frame. He claims that with this method, you don’t have to secure the frame to the bike rack, and you can’t get the wheel out because of the U-lock. One of the advantages of this method is that you keep the rear wheel and frame in one easy lock.
  2. How to lock a bike without a rack? An ideal solution to this issue is GPS-tracker for bicycles. It has the following advantages:
  • the compact size;
  • the self-contained battery that provides continuous operation;
  • the significant range of action.

In our next articles, we will explain to you how to reset a bike lock without the combination in case you lost the key or forgot the code. Follow us in order not to miss it!

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