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Add Dropper Post to Mountain Bike: Install and Configure the Tool!

what is a dropper post

Among the many improvements, you can make to your mountain bike, one that almost any mountain biker would agree with is the key to having more fun and less time-wasting and that is dropper post adjustment on the bike. Perhaps it would come in handy for your bike as well. Today we will tell you a lot about this tool, and we can also install a dropper post, which you can repeat yourself.

What Is a Dropper Post?

how does a dropper post work

To put it bluntly, the hydraulic seat allows you to change saddle height in the blink of an eye, thereby increasing your room to maneuver downhill or allowing you to quickly increase your pedaling efficiency on uphills. The principle of operation is almost like an office chair! This wide range of features makes the hydraulic seat post the perfect upgrade for riding conditions where it is important to quickly switch from hill to hill or vice versa.

Can you put a dropper post on any bike? This seat post has become nearly the standard on all enduro bikes, although trail enthusiasts and Cross Country riders alike reap the benefits. With the growing demand for drop stops, the range of sizes has also increased. Whatever level of fall you require, depending on the terrain and rider’s height, you’re bound to find a dropper that’s perfect for your physiology or frame design. From short travel droppers that start at 60 mm to telescopic long travel seat posts that can have over 200 mm travel, droppers are indispensable for most cyclists today.

A significant and often unrecognized advantage of dropout stands is how they have loosened up the frame design. Thanks to the dropout stance, the designers have created bolder geometries that provide a good balance when climbing and excellent stability when descending.

How Does a Dropper Post Work?

how to install a dropper post

Add dropper post to mountain bike allows you to get the best of both worlds when mountain biking or gravel riding. The post keeps the rider at the correct seat height for lift and overall cadence, but can be lowered a significant amount with the push of a lever to put you in a better position to attack when descending.

How To Install a Dropper Post?

dropper post

Now let’s get down to dropper post installation. Follow all the steps carefully and consistently so as not to miss any detail and make everything right. Correct setting of internal dropper post routing would provide you not only with a comfortable ride but also a quick change of saddle height at any speed convenient for you. You would need:

  • Hexagons;
  • Nippers;
  • Ruler;
  • Grease.

Installing the Cable to the External Lock

As with conventional shifters, the seat post lock has a recess with a hole for the cable head, find it, and pull the cable through it.

Install the Cable Jacket Inside the Frame

Then grab the cable shirt. Lead it inside the frame using the standard holes. To adjust the size of the shirt, we need a ruler. Measure how far the seat post would be immersed inside the frame, write down or remember this value, it would be useful to us when we adjust the shirt. Sink the part of the shirt that sticks out of the seat tube inside the frame so that it sticks out of the tube a couple of millimeters.

Adjusting the Size of the Shirt and Cable

Now figure out exactly where the outboard lock would be and how you want to hold the shirt to it. Mark with a marker the place where the shirt would enter the remote lock on the handlebars, and then subtract from this place the distance that the seat post enters the frame, it is to this length that you need to cut the shirt.

Installing the Seat Post Into the Frame

First, install the cable hook in the proper place. Then lubricate the pin and set it to the predetermined height. The final touch is to secure the seat post with the clamp.

Installing External Blocking

Depending on the type of interlock attachment, you may need to remove the grip. After installing the lock on the steering wheel, make sure that the lever is freely pressed, and the lock itself doesn’t cling to the brake lever or shifter, of course, if you have one. If you need to adjust the distance the lever actuates the seat post, use the cable free-play adjustment. It is made in the same way as on the gear shifter. We showed you a short guide on dropper post, which is suitable for you if you are a lover of cycling, and especially when riding in mountainous areas. The adjusting dropper post must be especially careful so that nothing unexpected happens at the most inopportune moment. But if you can repeat everything correctly and secure all the parts well, you would find this is an incredibly convenient feature for cyclists.

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