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How to Improve Cycling Speed and Endurance

cycling endurance training

Cycling endurance training is the cornerstone of this sports discipline because, without it, full training is impossible. The lack of physical endurance will not allow you to gain muscle mass, to perform strength exercises in the gym, to develop the functionality of the body, and to ride long distances for a reasonable time.

Therefore, building cycling endurance is necessary to grow this quality for every cyclist; there will never be extra endurance. In our article, we will tell you how to train to endure on a bicycle.

Types of Endurance

building cycling endurance

The concept of improving cycling endurance is quite versatile, and it should be developed in several directions simultaneously.

There is power endurance – the way our muscles overcome the pain threshold while performing power exercises. The number of repetitions we can perform with weight depends on it.

For cyclists, such an indicator as speed endurance is also important – the degree to which our muscles are ready to maintain the speed of performing an exercise by adapting to a constant contraction, for example, during running or swimming.

It is also important to breathe correctly. If during sports you can’t control the pace of breathing, and you get shortness of breath, you won’t be able to do full bike endurance training. It is necessary to look for ways to solve this problem.

Endurance Cycling Training Plan

bike endurance training

Ten years is the age at which children are enrolled in initial training groups of bike training. Observance of age periods is a vital factor in the preparation of cyclists.

The greatest increase in speed under the influence of training loads occurs at the age of 9-12 years, and by 13-15 years, it reaches its maximum. If you do not pay enough attention to improving the speed at this age, the next year, it will be almost impossible to eliminate.

Strength also has a huge role in achieving cyclists’ sports success. In general, the improvement of muscle strength and bike endurance training can be maintained up to 25-30 years and more.

The first two or three years of cycling are given mainly to the general bicycle endurance training, using a wide range of training aids. It is reasonable to start the development of special endurance in exercises up to 60-90 minutes and more. Long-lasting, sufficiently voluminous muscular work, corresponding to the capacity of the body, is the main method that stimulates the development of blood circulation and aerobic work of the body.

Effective methods for cycling endurance training in athletes are

  • evenly training;
  • long, monotonous training;
  • circular training.

Means of development of endurance should contribute to the expansion of the range of functionality of respiratory and circulatory systems. The practice of physical education for the development of endurance using a variety of physical exercises of cyclical nature (in the offseason), such as long-running, cross-country running, skating, swimming, skiing.

The main requirements are the following: exercises must be performed in areas of moderate and high power, and the work is performed with a large number of muscles.

The major means of building cycling endurance in each direction are multiple performances of repetitions of training variants of competitive or special exercises at one lesson to fatigue. Pulse modes at the performance of high-speed, power exercises for the development of endurance should reach high parameters – 180 beats per minute, and maximal values.

Now you know how to develop your sports performance and become the most enduring rider. It takes a lot of time and moral effort, but when you feel that you are no longer tired after a couple of exercises you will realize that it is worth it. After you strengthen your vascular and respiratory system, riding a bike will bring you almost endless pleasure.

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