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Hike-a-Bike Techniques: What’s the Best Way To Carry Your Bike on Trails?

Many people simply don’t understand why a hiking bike is needed, because what would be the meaning of this vehicle? In fact, in some situations, the ability to properly carry a bike would be very useful, especially if you are a fan of unusual routes, and even more so in nature along small paths. Today in the article we will tell you how to do it conveniently and in general what it is.

What Is Hike-a-Bike?

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Hike-a-bike is the “art” of carrying a bike on your back under various routes and conditions. Usually, it is used in mountainous areas, where the slope of the road is quite high, and it is simply unrealistic to drive.

In addition to its most basic function in mountainous terrain, carrying the bike on the back can come in handy if you are crossing a river or a special surface where your bike simply cannot pass. In addition, often true extreme lovers can wear a bicycle as a weighting agent if their route is weak enough, and they want to get the load to the fullest.

Yes, some bike carrying would be very difficult, especially at the first attempts to do it uphill, but after a while, everyone would be able to get used to such an unusual load if you walk so often enough.

Another advantage of this hike-a-bike is the ability to get to the place you need (even if it is deep in the forest), and then safely return to your starting point. This would be very useful if you need to get to a certain mountain for several kilometers, but then there is a sharp ascent upward, or if there is no path where to go.

Hike-a-Bike Technique

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Now we will put together a small plan that will come in handy if you want to practice hike-a-bike. To get started, choose a suitable mountainous route (preferably as scenic as possible so that you are interested in this small hike), and also prepare all the necessary equipment and things that you may need. If you are planning on making the trip long enough, then remember to bring plenty of water and a possible snack. If you don’t know the gorilla well or just don’t want to get lost, then be sure to stock up on a map of this area, or charge your phone. Keep in mind that mountainous terrain may have sharp rocks, plant thorns, or other obstructions that may interfere with your path. So bring some bike tools with you, as well as a first-aid kit for yourself.

You can already safely go on your trip to the point where you begin to move on your feet. Now let’s define how to carry the bike to make you feel comfortable:

  • The bike should be on your right with the chain on the opposite side and not touching you.
  • Your left hand should be on the left fork closest to you, and your right hand should be on the back of the bike, namely the triangle.
  • Sit down slightly and lift the bike onto your shoulders.
  • Make sure that you are as comfortable as possible to carry it and that it doesn’t worry about your body parts anywhere.
  • Put your hands so that you can comfortably hold the bike all the time, and hit the road!

If you are a beginner and just starting to do this, then remember to breathe deeply and take breaks so that your body can rest from such a heavy load. It is worth noting that you don’t need to make too heavy and fast movements that you don’t injure your back or knees. We are confident that you would be able to find the best way to hike-a-bike for yourself, which you can use whenever you ride hilly roads and mountains. If you carry this vehicle correctly, it would practically not give you any discomfort, which can significantly flatter even the longest and steepest routes. How did you carry your bike before you learned about these methods?

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