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How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes

removing bike greace out of clothes

Removing bike grease from clothing is a daily problem for every rider. Any touch on the transport leaves a persistent stain. If your hands are quite easy to clean, your clothes can be spoiled forever. So you need to act quickly.

If you opened this article with bike grease stain pants in your hands — soak them in cold water and go back to reading.

We will not leave you alone with this problem. Our garment has suffered for the sake of the experiments, and we found the best way to get bike grease out of clothes.

Why do you have to remove bicycle grease from clothing fast? Grease is very similar to fat or oil. Remember the worst dirty dishes that you had to wash away from dried up fat. It’s the same with your pants. You should treat the stain while the oil is liquid. Once it solidifies it increases the amount of effort required by several times.

You need a bike grease stain removal. However, do not rush to the store. Dishwashing detergent will help you again. It will penetrate the oil and allow the water to wash it. Act accordingly with our instructions so as not to spoil your clothes.

Remove the Bicycle Grease from Your Clothes: Step by Step

get bike grease out of clothes
  1. Estimate the scale of the contamination. If the stain is small, you may not even need to wash the whole thing, and this will significantly reduce your washing time.
  2. Apply grease thinner to the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes. The Dishwashing Agent is suitable for everyday items made of cotton or artificial fabrics. For a more decorative dress, use a more gentle product.
  3. Soak the stain in cold water. Hot water can speed up the curing process of the grease, and it will make our conception almost impossible.
  4. Wash the garment in cold water. If it wasn’t enough to remove bike grease from clothes, repeat the journey you made.

Cleanliness is worth it.

Get Bicycle Grease Out of Clothes Tips

  • Pay attention to your belongings when you are near your bike. The fresh bike grease stain is easy to remove, while the dried out resin can join your closet forever.
  • Use only cold water. Although hot dissolves better, it does not penetrate the grease. So increasing the temperature will make the oil harder faster.
  • Use other grease solvents that you can find at home. It can be shampoo, plain detergent, or even baking soda.
  • If the bicycle grease stain does solidify, then add talcum powder when using the grease solvent.

How to Prevent Bike Grease Stain

bike grease stain

Of course, we can advise you to ride accurately and not to use inappropriate clothing. However, this does not guarantee your cleanliness. But there are modifications to the transport that can.

A bike chain guard is a reliable solution for those who intend to solve the problem radically. Reliable metallic, flexible rubber, or uncompromising fabric, which one will you choose? You will forget about removing bike grease from clothing. But the price is too high.

It’s not even about money. The appearance of such devices is sometimes just ridiculous. You will have to decide what will harm your style more: the bike chain guard or dirty pants.

Moreover, the bicycle chain guard increases transport weight. Recently, we have written how the weight of the bike affects speed. In some cases, you may regret an additional detail.

This modification also makes it more difficult to maintain, adjust, and grease the chain. You’ll have to take it off every time you want to get to the chain. This option is completely unsuitable for those who service transport themselves. At the same time, children, especially girls, will be happy to cover the nasty sticky chain with a beautiful pink pad.

Now you know how to get bike grease out of clothes using a minimum of effort, money, and, most importantly, time. Remember that timeliness is the key aspect. If you do it right, the stains will not become a rider’s mark for you. Hurry up to wash your clothes as soon as they get dirty, and it will give you the best result.

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