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How to Drink Water Properly During Cycling

drinking while cycling

Cycling is a sport which roughly tests your stamina and endurance. Every cyclist knows that hydration and water intake means a lot when you are putting your body under a serious strain.

But that’s not all that you should know. It is important to remember which drinks and beverages are recommended during cycling and which are strictly prohibited as well as the wrong quantity of water and intake frequency can harm your health or significantly lower your sport results.

Any physical activity implies proper water intake. But it is especially important for cyclists whose legs are dealing with enormous and unnatural physical stress.

Our knees need a lot of liquid to keep our joints hydrated. The water you drink transforms into the lube which prevents joint damage.

Water is the best option while cycling

Water is the best option if you’re not in the Tour de France race. Average rides don’t require any specific beverages or isotonic drinks. But isotonic drinks can help you to cope with the intense and prolonged load during unusual stress levels.

Coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, and sodas are strongly prohibited because of its impact on your cardiovascular system. Coffee, sodas, and energy drinks could harm your heart and the drunk cycling could end in a much more dramatic way.

But a little cup of coffee will help to keep yourself energized during short and slow rides.

You should drink water or isotonic carefully while being concentrated on the road and doing little sips before you will feel thirsty.

You can use one simple rule to maintain the right water balance during your ride – drink a cup of water (250 ml) every half hour of a ride and a cup of water before and after the ride.

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