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How To Commute By Bike? Handy Tips And Real Life Examples, That Make You Buy A Bike

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For the third decade, World Carfree Day is celebrated on the 22nd of November. The goal of this date is not only to get people out of their cars at least for one day but also to create comfortable conditions so that the motorist could consciously choose a more environmentally friendly alternative to cars. In this article, we will convince you, that commuting to work on a bike is possible and the switch from a car to a bicycle is not that terrible!

Bike commute tips- why is it important?

We often hear the buzzword “Eco”, and the bicycle is an ecological transport! Half of the world’s carbon emissions are from transport. Cycling can greatly improve the situation. So, the first reason for you to choose a bike is your health.

Want to save on a gym and a visit to a psychologist? The solution is a bicycle!

  • at an average speed burns from 500 to 700 calories per hour;
  • generates endorphins (“happiness hormones”), fighting depression and boosting immunity;
  • reduces the risk of heart attack;
  • increases the amount of “good” cholesterol, reduces the amount of ¬ębad” ones;
  • strengthens the back;
  • regulates the circulatory system, lung function, and oxygen absorption;
  • strengthens bones and keeps muscles in good shape;

TOP tips for beginners who have decided to use a bicycle to commute:

biking to work tips
  1. Be visible on the road (headlight in front, helmet, bright clothes, red lantern in the back, reflectors);
  2. Do not forget to indicate turns (hand-turned in the direction of the turn), stop (hand raised up);
  3. Look for safe ways during your trip;
  4. Respect all road users.

Okay, at this point we have convinced you, that the bike is not that bad, however, you still think, that it is almost impossible to ride a bike to work and that no biking to work tips will help you to change your mind. You may think that there are so many disadvantages of cycling to work, such as the absence of bike infrastructure in your city, bad weather, the impossibility of staying clean after riding. Well, we bet our tips for biking to work will influence your perceptions!

No bike parking at work/not allowed to store the bike in the office

This is probably one of the main reasons why people immediately dismiss the theoretical possibility of riding a bike to work. It’s understandable – it’s unwise to strap your bike to a pole at the building entrance: sooner or later (most likely sooner) it will get cut off and will get stolen, even if you put two bike locks on it. You can not also store your bike in the office, as it may take a lot of space and will bother other workers. So, how to commute by bike and later find a place where to leave it? The answer is to buy a folding bike. It is convenient in the city and easy to use.

No opportunity to take a shower at work

Very current excuse, indeed, if you work with clients or sit in the office, it is absolutely unacceptable to come to work sweaty. No shower, what to do? Our cycling to work tips suggests you take towels and deodorant. You can get to the office 15 minutes earlier, go to the bathroom, take off all cycling gear and wipe yourself with a wet towel. Then dry up, use a deodorant, and put on the office clothes. Trust us, it is worth it!

It’s a long way to work, not enough physical fitness to handle it

Riding a bike to work makes sense if you can get to it in an hour, a maximum of one and a half. The time depends on the average speed, and in order not to sweat too much, you should choose the speed, that suits you the most. Then you may ask how to efficiently commute by bike and not die in the middle of the road. We recommend you to switch to bike if your work is located not further than 20 kilometers.

Any healthy person, even if he is not a keen cyclist, is able to cover such a distance at a relaxed pace. No one, of course, forbids riding longer distances, but it does require serious physical form.

How to make yourself wake up early? And what to do if the weather is terribly bad?

We know many of you think of these excuses and we are ready to share our tips for an early morning bike commute. First of all, you should know, that the earlier you wake up the longer and more productive your day is! Think of it as an advantage. Then what to do if the weather forecast prognoses a rainy day? Do not stress and just prepare your raincoat! As we mentioned above, you can take the towel and get cleaned up in the bathroom.

We believe we have listed the most important excuses why people don’t ride their bikes to work. Our point is that this activity must first and foremost be expedient, and subject to common sense, rather than going against it. So, since such thoughts of switching to a bike are hovering in your head, weigh the pros and cons, calculate the mileage, lay out a more or less quiet route, and try to ride to work at least once on a bike. For sure you will surprise your colleagues! You will see that some of them will join you.

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