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Cleaning Moldy Hydration Bladder: Important Details That Everyone Should Know!

how to clean hydration bladder

Even if you use the water tank very rarely, you cannot avoid getting any bacteria and/or mold in there. And the only way to avoid this is by regularly cleaning moldy hydration bladder. Due to the unusual worms and hard-to-reach areas, this seems unrealistic. But we know how to help you, which is what we will share with you in this article!

How Often To Clean Hydration Bladder?

hydration bladder cleaning

It is clear that to achieve the best possible result, and so that contamination never bothers you, you need to monitor the tank often enough. Always ventilate the bladder after each use. It can also lengthen the intervals between full cleaning of the vessel. It is best to do the cleaning about once a week if you are actively using the vessel. If you know that soon you won’t need it for a while, wash it and hide it until you start using it again. By the way, before that, you would also need to wipe the top at least to remove dust.

There are times when you just forget to pour out the rest of the water, or the concentrate that appears, as after a few days it starts to smell, or mold appears altogether. It is in this case that you need a proper cleaning hydration bladder, which would help to remove everything that is wound up there.

How To Clean Hydration Bladder?

There are several variations of bladder cleaning that can suit absolutely everyone. Each of them has its characteristics, which are quite good in different ways. So consider all cleaning options to determine which one is right for you.

Hydration Bladder Cleaning With Solution

This is the tool that can help you even with the most severe pollution, without any other intervention. Depending on the manufacturer, the solution can have different uses, as well as storage in a vessel. So be sure to read the instructions for use before use.

Baking Soda

Every home has baking soda, right? Just put a small amount of baking soda inside the vessel, fill it with warm water and leave for a while. You can periodically be afraid so that the particles of soda fall on the walls and rip off any bacteria. Then you would only need to rinse the vessel several times with ordinary running water. This method is good because if you don’t wash off the remains of the washing liquid poorly, it won’t harm the body in any way.

Lemon Juice or Acid

Another good natural remedy that won’t affect your health either. Pour in a small amount of a solution of warm water and lemon juice (or acid). Leave for a while and rinse thoroughly, after which all that remains is to dry the vessel well.

A Special Set of Brushes

On the Internet, you can find a special cleaning hydration bladder kit that would help you clean not only the vessel itself but also its other parts. If your bladder doesn’t wash away mold and mildew residues using only brushes and warm water, then combine the use of brushes and baking soda/lemon to help chew away the adhering particles, and the brush would already help to remove them completely.

We believe that the best way to clean a hydration bladder is to use a special solution. But don’t be discouraged if you cannot find it in stores, because it is easy to replace it with the means that almost everyone has at home (soda, lemon, and so on). Choose the best one based on your capabilities and the degree of dirtiness of the bladder. Here are a few more tips for cleaning out the hydration bladder you may need:

  • Remember to remove all remaining water after each use;
  • Don’t close to ventilate vessel after each use;
  • Also clean other mechanisms besides the main water tank;
  • If you can use different drinks, wash the reservoir before refilling, or have another one for other liquids;
  • Place the dry water tank in the freezer to kill other bacteria and prevent mold from growing.

If you plan on cleaning regularly, then you can use lighter cleaning methods, including special bills. If you rarely cleaned the tank and unpleasant odors and mold have already appeared there, it is better to use ready-made special products that would probably cope with this task.

How To Dry the Hydration Bladder?

best way to clean hydration bladder

Everything is quite simple here. You only need fresh air. Open the container and place it in a well-ventilated area so that air gets inside. Before that, try as much as possible to remove all the remnants of water and funds that were inside.

After you find a suitable spot for the bladder, leave it on for a while (about an hour or more) until all moisture is gone. After that, you can close the vessel or use it further as intended. Now you know exactly all the details of hydration bladder cleaning, which would allow you to do it yourself and without going to a specialist. Try to use all our tips to simplify and speed up the whole process at times. We think that when you do this several times, you can do it perfectly quickly, and the result would be flawless!

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