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How to Wash a Dirt Bike the Right Way and What Bike Cleaning Tools to Choose?

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How Do You Wash Your Bike?

Regardless of riding conditions, any cyclist sooner or later notices how his beloved companion loses its aesthetic qualities due to dust, clogged dirt and streaks. The question appears of how to wash a dirt bike the right way? Unfortunately, not only the exterior suffers, as dirt cleverly clogs the gears, chain and hard-to-reach places, which over time will worsen the quality of riding and reduce the service life of parts.

How often do you wash your bike? Periodic cleaning is just as necessary for the bike as it is for the car. Of course, the very process of washing many people may not like it, especially if you do it hastily. Here’s the explanation of how to wash a dirt bike so your hands don’t get tired and your bike feels good.

How to Wash Bike at Home and What You Need

To wash the bike, the best way is to use a garden hose, but the water pressure should not be too strong. You can also use a bucket of water, but the water in the bucket should always be clean, it should be changed often. Many people ask – “Is it possible to wash a bicycle with a Kärcher? Yes, you can, but you should keep in mind that Kärcher is a high pressure washer and it should wash the bike with the weakest pressure. Washing a bike under high pressure is fraught with damage to mounts of bikes. In addition, water under pressure can penetrate into the closed elements of the bike – carriage, hub. What bike cleaning tools are better to choose? The answer is clear: you need sponges, rags and brushes. As a detergent, to improve the quality of washing, car shampoos will serve best. Conventional detergents or dish soap can also be used as the bike wash products, for instance, Fairy. Well, in general, there are now a lot of detergents specifically for bicycles. Do not use washing laundry powder as bike cleaning supplies, because they leave streaks. It is better to apply detergent and wipe dirt from the bike with a soft brush. Sponges and rags should be discarded as they trap dirt and dust particles that scratch the paint finish.

The Wash

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Before you start washing your bike, remove the bike computer, bottle, bag, and other attachments that may get damaged or broken. Remove large pieces of dirt, grass, etc. Then wet the bike liberally with water and allow time for the dirt to soak. While the dirt is soaking, you can prepare washing tools by stirring the necessary amount of detergent in a bucket of water until foam forms. For washing the ratchet or cassette of the bike and other hard-to-reach places, there are special brushes available for sale. Then wash your bike with this detergent. After wiping the bike, there may be streaks on it and can be removed by polishing. Be sure to avoid direct water contact with closed components such as hubs and carriage.

What Can I Wash My Bike With?

What do you need to properly clean your bike? The most common washes use water and ordinary detergent. Can I use dishwashing liquid to wash my bike? Yes, surely. However, the metal frame may appear tarnished when dry. To give the surface an initial shine, treat the frame with a suede cloth and polish. If you find dirt after washing that the detergent didn’t work on, treat the area with a degreaser, scrub with a brush, and then rinse again.

If you are not satisfied with the dishwashing liquid, what kind of soap to wash a bike may be used? Car wash shampoos are gentler and form a film of wax on the surface, making your bike look more impressive than after bathing in a soapy solution.

Avoid direct sunlight when washing your bike, as hot weather and sun will “dry out” the frame, contributing to cracks on its surface.

How to Clean and Lube a Bike Chain?

how to clean a dirt bike chain

Chain cleaning methods:

  1. Manual with a brush. No effort should be spared on the chain. Following our instruction step by step on how to clean a bike chain, you will do it quickly without losing your nerves. Dirt is wiped off with a stiff brush (you can take a shoe brush). To avoid dirtying the floor and hands, we put it on a thick rag, and put gloves on our hands. In the longitudinal direction, go over the chain with a brush several times, then turn it over and repeat the same thing.
  2. Chainwasher. An excellent option will be a special device – a chain washer. It is especially useful when the gaps between the rollers are clogged with hardened clay or the chain is not removable.
  3. With a tub of kerosene. Answering your question of how to clean a dirt bike chain, we want to recommend the kerosene tub. Kerosene is a great way to get rid of the dust and oil slurry stuck to the chain. You put it in a tub so that all the gaps between the rollers are open. Cleaning time is from 12 hours to 24 hours. After the kerosene, the chain is wiped down with a dry clean rag.

How to Lube a Bike Chain?

Lubricating a bicycle chain used to be an extremely troublesome and laborious task. It used to be completely immersed in melted graphite grease so that the hot compound would get into all the necessary places, cool down and solidify there, ensuring long trouble-free operation of the whole mechanism. Many special bike chain lubricants are now available. They do not wash out in the rain, have dirt and dust repellent properties. In addition, these compositions are very economical to spend – for one lubrication will require no more than 2-3 ml. And they can be stored for a long time, so a standard 100 ml bottle or aerosol usually lasts for several years.

How Often and Where Can I Wash My Bicycle?

How often you wash your bike is up to you. If you ride in good weather on smooth and dry asphalt, you will just have to give your bike a good wipe down with a dry or wet rag. Washing in a soapy solution is also allowed. In the event that the weather was unlucky, in the wheels and the chain stuck mud (very common), it does not hurt to wash well, preferably immediately. In cases when your bike is extremely dirty, you should know how to clean a bike properly.

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