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How to Choose the Right Bicycle Saddle

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When it comes to speed, velocity, acceleration rates and durability, cyclists spend their money and energy on choice with no doubts. But when it comes to things such as grips or saddles, a regular cyclist doesn’t show a big desire to spend a lot of time and money to make the right but laborious choice.

But these parts are also very important and you shouldn’t forget about that. Bicycle saddle doesn’t affect the bike’s performance very much but it can provide you with comfort and stability during your rides.

Just imagine how bad you will feel if you won’t be able to sit on your bike properly. If you cycle for a long time, you understand how important it is to have the right and comfortable saddle, especially if you cycle for more than one hour daily.

Theory, at its finest, is not enough if you want to choose the right bicycle saddle. You need to see, grope and test it by yourself because every one of us has personal needs and body structure.

To choose the right bicycle you should follow these simple tips and of course, you should not hesitate to ask a service worker for help. These paras will show how to choose the right bicycle saddle to not regret your purchase.

Soft Is Not Always Good

Comfortable Bike Seat

At this moment, most novice cyclists make a huge mistake. For a novice cyclist, a dense and rough saddle may feel painful and uncomfortable but it is only in the beginning. If it is possible to get used to rigid and hard bike saddles, too soft saddles will cause permanent discomfort.

A soft saddle will bend beneath your body, causing big pressure to your soft tissue that is very vulnerable. It can cause many health problems because such pressure will assuredly clog your blood vessels and damage the blood circulation process. There’re a lot of good soft bike saddles but you need to spend some time on each of them to make sure that they suit you the best.

Always Test Your Potential Bike Saddle before the Purchase

how to choose a bike saddle

Never buy something practical without groping it. This rule is universal for everything and especially for things such as bike saddles that will be in touch with your body for hours if not for days.

We all have different, individual body parameters and you can’t be sure that some particular bike saddle will suit you without testing it on yourself.

Don’t Focus On the Brand, Only On Your Feelings

Maybe you have heard of some specific brand or you want to buy a saddle that will match your bike’s appearance or your bike’s brand. But such an approach can root against you even your intentions are good and reasonable.

Choose the saddle that suits you the best and that is good especially for you and your body. Don’t chase the brand or appearance only but remember that good, time-rested brands make good, comfortable saddles.

Make Choice In Accordance With Your Riding Style

Road Bike Saddle

Your riding style determines the type of saddle that you need. Mountain biking and cross-country riding require a certain saddle, with a wide but rigid platform. City bikes feature soft and comfortable saddles while road bike saddles are hard and narrow.

Some saddles suit men and some saddle suit women only. For example, a male cyclist should choose a saddle with a prominent notch that will prevent the blocking of bloodstream and vessel clogging during the ride. The best bike saddles for men imply a prominent notch while the best saddles for women have a plain, non-curved surface.

It is very important to choose the right saddle and you should be very patient and attentive to yourself during the purchase. If you haven’t found the one that suits you – take your time. It is much better to find the perfect saddle than to buy the first on sight, which will bring you discomfort. Seat post, saddle’s incline, and many other parameters could be regulated in order to provide you with maximum comfort and safety.

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