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How to Choose the Best Cycling Sunglasses?

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Cycling sunglasses are recommended for all cyclists. Maybe you had never been hit by a flying bug or a fly, but you definitely had felt how painfully dust and sand pieces feel in the eye. Eyesight protection is a very important nuance and many cyclists neglect it. Well, they should not.

Eyes are very vulnerable and sensitive to external stimuli such as dust, direct sunlight, and flying litter. A bypassing car can launch a grab of small rocks from its wheel which could hit you in the eye. Just imagine the consequences. And also, such an occasion can cause an extreme situation on the roadway since you may lose control over your bike. You can avoid such a situation if you will protect yourself in the right way.

Cycling sunglasses are designed especially for cyclists and they are very comfortable and suit each riding style. While mountain and cross-country bikers wear cycling glasses all the time, city cyclists and cruisers don’t use them much. But once you’re going on the open highway or dirt road, you will feel a subconscious urge to protect your eyes with something at least.

Regular sunglasses can provide you with basic protection but they’re not designed for cycling rides. Peripheral vision will be limited and you will see the bottom line beneath the lenses. These factors significantly complicate the cycling process and can cause eye-damaging. Regular sunglasses are suitable for short, relaxed rides. For all other situations, you will need specialized cycling sunglasses. Here’s how you can choose the right cycling sunglasses to secure your vision and eyes from external stimuli:

The Shape

The Shape

Sunglasses should wrap around your head shape. We all have different head shapes so you should pay attention to this nuance. Make sure that your sunglasses are tight to your head and brows. There shouldn’t be any gaps between the upper part of the glasses and your brow line. Glasses should fit your head tightly. Otherwise, they could fly away unexpectedly or cause discomfort.


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Cycling sunglasses are often made of heavy-duty polycarbonate. This material bends and can withstand serious falls and hits. It might crack but it will never fall into multiple sharp pieces like regular lenses. This feature is very important because, in the case of an accident, such sunglasses won’t damage your eyes and face, only protect them.

Linings and Paddings

Linings and Paddings

Linings and paddings are very important elements because they provide comfort and sustainability of glasses. Upper padding will keep the sweat and humid away from your eyes and the inner side of glasses while the nasal padding will keep glasses in place.

If you cycle intensively and actively, you definitely need tightly-placed sunglasses. Also, when you look over your shoulders while cycling, there’s a chance that your sunglasses could fly away. Qualitative rubber lining excludes such a possibility.



If the frame of cycling sunglasses is the same in general, the number of lens varieties can surprise you at first. In general, they differ by the colors and degrees of darkness. Different degrees of darkness are suitable for different surroundings and sunlight intensities.

Colored lenses are designed for different weather conditions. Transparent and yellow lenses will help you to navigate during the nighttime rides while grey and black lenses will smooth down the direct and intense sunlight.

There’re plenty of sunglasses and you should choose the best ones which will fit your head properly and meet your needs perfectly.

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