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How to Choose Best Bicycle Rear View Mirrors

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Road safety is one of the factors of comfort for both cyclists and drivers. Often, cyclists have to travel hundreds of kilometers on busy roads and highways, which is extremely dangerous. Most people have helmets and lanterns, but bicycle rear view mirrors are still rare.

A bicycle mirror is necessary for a rearview. Most often, they are installed on city bikes and bikes for travel to ensure safety while riding. You will hardly need a mirror when riding in the woods or on sports tracks, but if you use a bike as a vehicle, you should consider buying one.

Often, bike mirrors are similar to those of motorcycles. It is undoubtedly convenient, but the appearance is not very attractive. A bike is not a motorcycle and should remain similar to itself (my personal opinion, you may disagree with it). Moreover, today’s range of best cycling rear view mirrors offers quite stylish models.

Therefore, our main task was to find the best bike mirror, which is compact and neat. Such a device can solve the problem with the view on the track, increasing the safety of movement, and, at the same time, did not look bulky and did not catch the eye.

The market offers a wide range of different mirrors, which differ not only in price but also in functionality. For example, there are models of mirrors with a blinker, models of folding mirrors, as well as mirrors that can be attached to a helmet or glasses, and we will help you choose the best option with our bike mirrors review.

Keep in mind that even having the best bike mirror will not relieve you from the obligation to look around and turn around to assess the traffic situation. However, it will give you some information about what is going on behind your back.

Handlebar Bike Mirrors

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Bicycle mirrors with mounting on the handlebars of bicycles are the most common type. To ensure that the mirror does not shake when riding a bike, choose a model with a long rod. These mirrors are easy to set up and have a wide viewing angle. But be careful: there are some drawbacks, such as larger bike widths, fragility, and poor adjustment.

When you install a mirror near the grips, there is one significant disadvantage – you have a narrower view. You need to be able to maneuver correctly, to be able to use a rearview mirror.

It’s not the most comfortable mounting type. If the mirror leg is not long enough or does not bend, you will only see your hand in its reflection. Especially if the handlebar grip on your bike is solid and you don’t want to shorten it. Side-clip grips can simply be moved closer to the center of the handlebars, and you can place the mirror on its edge.

You can also insert a bike mirror at the end of the handlebars. The visibility is much better in this case, but the durability is much worse. You often cling to something, and if you are unlucky, and the bike fell on the left side, the accessory breaks down immediately. It is the best cycling mirror for city riding.

Again, if the grip is solid, you’ll have to cut off the edge to get access to the handlebar end of the bike. With this type of grip, nothing will interfere with the view, because the mirror will protrude beyond the dimensions of the bike. The mirror is held inside by a plastic spacer.

Mirrors Attached to the Helmet or Glasses

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The mirror is attached to your helmet either with glue or velcro. It is a small mirror on a long leg. It is the best bicycle mirror when moving on a highway, where the speed of movement increases as a bicycle and cars. When you moving at a speed of about 40 km/h is not safe to constantly look back – you can lose concentration and pull over. The problem with such mirrors is that they are very small and give only a rough idea of what is going on behind you.

The bike mirror with goggles or helmet mount is lightweight and perfectly retains its setting and sharpness. But alas, there are disadvantages – the mirror has a low degree of visibility and is quite hard to adjust.

The material of the mirror can be either glass or plastic. Glass mirrors are difficult to scratch, and they do not distort the picture, but they are fragile and weigh a lot. Plastic mirrors are lighter and less brittle but easy to scratch, which greatly impairs visibility.

There are also some extraordinary variants of bicycle mirrors, such as those clip on your wrist or your backpack. It is interesting, unusual, but useless. The mirror will constantly move out, you will correct it, and you will get nothing but worries. Choose a device that suits your needs and security, it is best to test it before buying.

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