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How to Check Your Bike Before a Cycling Season

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Summer has come and the cycling season came with it. Summer is the best season to enjoy prolonged and comfortable rides and if you have let your bike rest since autumn, you will need to check it before going out to ride.

A few preventive measures will help to avoid breakages and dangerous situations on the road so here’s what you need to do to get back in the saddle again.

  1. Check your tires
  2. Rubber isn’t such a strong material as it looks like so you need to check tire pressure and their integrity before putting your wheels on the road. Temperature hikes can damage the rubber especially if you store your bike on a balcony or in a garage.

  3. Screwed connections
  4. Necessarily make sure that screwed connections in your bike are heavily tightened. You should tighten all main threaded fastenings such as connecting rods, brake grips, saddle nuts, handlebar stem and rod, pedals and others.

  5. Wheel nuts
  6. Wheel nuts should be heavily tight to avoid the wheel’s side-to-side wobbling. But don’t overdo it because too much tightening can damage bushings and spokes.

  7. Check your brakes and brake cables.
  8. Get sure that they have saved their clutch with rims and can stop your bike on the move. Braking distance shall not exceed two meters at full acceleration.

  9. Greasing
  10. Necessarily grease the chain and gear system so as not to damage the most vulnerable part of your bicycle. Gear system is hard to be replaced or fixed in the case of a breakage. Greasing will facilitate wheel rotating and pedaling. You need to replace the grease every two weeks to remove all mess and fragment debris from the chain and gears and keep your bike clean.

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