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How to change the speed on your bike correctly

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You need to know how to use the speeds of your bike correctly, no matter how many of them the bike has in order to extend the life of the transmission components and not to turn the ride into a nightmare of slippage. It’s important to remember a few rules that will help make shifting easy and safe.

  • Examine the transmission on your bicycle. You should know how many gears you have, how many sprockets are in front and back, and where you need to move the shifting knobs to increase or decrease the load.
  • Rotation of the pedals is the most necessary while gear changing. It is not enough just to press or turn the handle. It is important to make one full rotation of the front pedals so that the chain takes up your chosen star at the front or at the rear.
  • Transmissions will only change when no or minimal load is applied to the pedals. Even the most expensive derailleur is unable to move the chain to a nearby sprocket if you are not pushing the pedals with all your might. So train yourself to do this in flat areas and over time you can change gears even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Keep an eye on the technical condition of your bike’s gearshift system. You can change gears in an instant when the assemblies are not worn out and lubricated in time and the shifters are set.
  • Remember, the main thing is to ride your bicycle and use the gearshift system as much as possible. The muscular memory will allow you to change gears despite the transmission or indicators on the handlebars with light movements of your fingers without squeaking and other troubles.
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