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How to Change Bike Tire

Each bicyclist must acquire certain necessary skills like replacing bicycle tires to service two-wheeled vehicles. It will help to quickly and easily deal with unforeseen situations on the road. One of these troubles is most often a pierced inner tube. Some of our tips and recommendations will help both beginner cycling enthusiasts and more experienced athletes to solve the bicycle tire replacement in the most effective way.

It’s always a good idea to have

how to change bike tire

The easiest option is to carry the inner tube and pump with you. Not all damage can be glued, and the easiest way of replacing bike tires is to change the entire inner tube. The only disadvantage of this set is weight and volume. The puncture set is a small box, but the spare inner tube is a large piece of rubber, which can take up space and give weight to a small bag if you have it with you.

Unfortunately, the sensitivity of modern bikes to damage leads to the fact that it is impossible to travel further than the city center without a spare inner tube or repair kit.

What Do You Need to Change a Bike Tire?

replacing bicycle tires

With these tools, you can easily dismount the rear wheel, remove the inner tube, and install a new tube in its place:

  • Spare inner tube or repair kit;
  • Key or multi-tube;
  • Pump;
  • Tire Levers.

The inner tube can be deflated by clamping it between the rim and the side of the tire, there may be other cases, but the technology is the same. Before you change the bicycle tire on your bicycle, you must determine the cause of the puncture.

How to Change Flat Bike Tires?

install bike tires

First of all, it is removing bike tires wheel and fully releases the air by removing the cap from the nipple in the wheel. Removing bicycle tires on the side of the rim is most effective. Then you need to pick up the tire and remove it from the rim with the tire lever.

If you don’t have such a tool on hand, a wrench will be appropriate, but there is a risk of damaging the bicycle element. It is sufficient to choose an object without sharp edges to install bike tires.

Hold the tire with one tire lever and hook the edge next to it with the second tire lever. Then, carefully remove the deflated inner tube completely.

Before putting back tire on the bike

To find out the cause of the deflated tire, it is necessary to review the inner surface of the tire and review the inner tube. To do this, pump the punctured inner tube slightly and observe where exactly the air escapes. The place where the puncture is located may look like a dot, which means that the wheel has been damaged by a foreign object such as glass, nail, or stone.

In this case, you should examine the inner surface of the tire, finding something, and certainly remove it. You should also remove dirt and sand, and clean the surface from foreign objects that could damage the new part.

Next, you need to install a new inner tube. To make it easier to do this, you need to pump it up a little. Then install it carefully and make sure that the nipple of the bike is pointed exactly in the center of the wheel. Beginning with the nipple, gently and evenly put the side of the tire on the rim of the bike. You may need to use tire levers.

Once this process has been completed, you should review the tire in the wheel to see if the inner tube is jammed or uneven. If everything is okay, you should inflate it to a sufficient size.

Useful Tips for Remove Bicycle Tire from Rim

change a bike tire

These little tricks will help you change the inner tube faster and with less effort:

  • Before you install a new inner tube, pump it up a little;
  • Make sure there is no grease on the inner tube, tire, and brake pads of your bicycle;
  • When using the tire levers, take extreme care not to damage the inner tube;
  • Inflate the inner tube of your bicycle according to the pressure value indicated on the tire. If too much pressure is applied, the tube may not hold the air;
  • When buying a new bike tire, consider the size of the hole available on the rim, as valves can be different;
  • If you notice that the bike tire is damaged, never continue riding until you change it. First, it will break even harder if you move it. Second, you risk damaging not only the tire but also the rim.

Replacing bicycle tires is easy when you do it a few times. You will acquire the necessary skills and abilities and solve the problem quickly and easily.

When you buy a new bicycle tire to change a damaged one, remember that you don’t have to save money. Cheap products are a risk of punctures, which you will constantly patch up, spending your own time.

It is important to use special tools or fixtures without sharp edges to ensure the integrity of the bike part. Also, when you go on a long trip, it is best to consider possible damage and take the necessary elements for repair.

By carrying out regular maintenance and inspection of two-wheeled equipment, you can prevent many unpleasant moments that cause emergency repair. Thus, the life of the bike will last, and rides will bring only pleasure and vivid emotions.

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