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How to Change Bicycle Cassette

replace bike cassette

A bicycle cassette is a system of rear sprockets that are designed to change the gear ratio. The sprockets themselves are arranged in descending order. Increasing the gear means shifting the sprocket that is further away from the wheel.

The cassette is a kind of expendable material that wears out and becomes unusable after prolonged use. For this reason, periodic maintenance is mandatory, or you need to replace bike cassette.

Step-by-step instructions for changing bike cassette

how to change bicycle cassette

The cassette in a bicycle is an easy-to-maintain bicycle assembly. But you will still need to disassemble and service it from time to time. Thanks to the timely made cleaning and lubrication you can ensure this unit a long service life and prevent the appearance of any unexpected failures in the transmission. But let’s take a closer look at how you can replace the rear bicycle cassette with your own hands, without going to a service center.

Removing the rear wheel

Before proceeding to the procedure itself you will initially need to remove the rear wheel from the bike, where the cassette itself is directly located. After these steps, you will be able to remove a cassette from a bicycle without any problems.

Checking the Condition Before Replacing Bike Cassette

Once you have removed the cassette, you need to examine it carefully. You need to make sure that it has worn down significantly and needs to be replaced. Otherwise, replacing bike gears is impractical. You can also check the functionality of the bearings. To do this, you should shake the cassette a bit. If you find any lateral play, you need to think about replacing the bearings as well.

Disassembling the cassette

Once you are sure you need to replace cassette bicycle, you should take it apart. To do this, you should put your bike’s wheel on a flat surface so that the cassette is on top.

First, you will have to wrap the chain whip in a clockwise direction around the biggest sprocket in the cassette. Then you will need to insert the puller into the groove on the wheel, which is open. This spot is not difficult to locate. You will just need to locate the retaining ring with twelve teeth. The ring has the most common and standard threads that can be unscrewed counterclockwise. Do not pay attention if you suddenly hear grinding noise when unscrewing it. This is caused by the locking teeth.

Sliding the Cartridge

After you succeed in removing the locking ring it will be necessary to slide the cassette sideways and then it will come out. There is a chance that it may later disassemble into many different parts, such as individual sprockets, gaskets.

Replacing Bicycle Cassette

You should not install a cassette with a different gear ratio on your bike. Nor should you change the quality features of individual parts. Otherwise, there is a chance of disturbing the overall harmony of the design. That’s why it is essential to buy a new cassette after it has reached the end of its usable life.

You can find out the transmission ratio after carefully examining the cassette you bought. Most often this value is stamped on one of the sprockets in the cassette. You can also determine this value by another method. You simply count the number of teeth on the largest and smallest sprocket. The numbers you get as a result will act as the transmission ratio.

Installing the cassette

replacing bike gears

After you put the sprockets in place, you will need to screw in the retaining ring which holds the cassette in place. Under no circumstances should you tighten the cassette. The reason is that the threads are very fine. Because of the excessive force exerted, there is a high probability that it will later be torn off. The retaining rings prevent spontaneous unscrewing.

Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

Removing a bicycle cassette is not a difficult procedure, for which you do not need to have any special knowledge and skills. You can buy a new cassette with the gear ratio you need without problems in an online store, which is safer in a pandemic and more convenient while your bike is disassembled.

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