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How to Adjust Bicycle Brakes?

Every rider relies on the brakes. It saves lives because every second is vital when you move on the road. Tightening bicycle brakes is a routine procedure that should take you a few minutes every few weeks. Even if everything is fine, you need to know it for sure to be confident while riding.

What if you adjust bicycle brakes of the new transport of a small child? Everything has to be in order and work like clockwork. It is irresponsible and dangerous to use the bike without prior inspection. It is why it is so important to know how to adjust bicycle brakes, and we have prepared a short instruction for you.

Brakes are the basic element of any moving vehicle, bicycles are not the exception. Despite its relatively low speed, riding on it can be dangerous. Driving in the city at all is impossible without the ability to stop abruptly. In other words, you can go for a ride with your headlights off, low seat, and flat wheels, but it will still be safer than ignoring the bike brakes repair.

However, if you just start to twist the screws and pull the cable randomly, you can harm your transport or even make it impossible to ride. Therefore, you must tighten bike brake with responsibility and knowledge.

Fixing Bike Brakes Preparation

how to adjust bicycle brakes

You will need a shaped screwdriver and Allen key to adjust the bicycle brakes. While these aren’t the most sophisticated tools, you may need to make an effort to get them if you’ve never used them before. It’s best to check exactly what you need for your parts before going to the bike store.

If you’re just adjusting old pads rather than installing brand new ones, make sure they’re not erased. The pads, which are worn considerably, will not brake well no matter how well you have adjusted them. If they are erased to the wear line, they should be replaced.

Pump the wheels before you start the procedure. If you adjust hand brakes on bicycle on the flattened wheels, the pads may rub against the wheel after inflation.

Make sure the adjustment barrel on the brake handle is not fully twisted. It is a fine-tuning tool that will not help you with tuning bike brakes that are not working.

Bike Brakes Repair

tightening bicycle brakes

Push the brake lever. Your brake pads should hit the rim. The lever should also have a few centimeters off the handle. When you are sure that you should tighten bike brake, start.

The first thing to do is to set the pads correctly. To do this, loosen the bolt with the Allen key. Place the pads exactly in the center of the rim, so that they do not touch the tire and do not collapse down the rim.

To tighten the cables you must first loosen the barrel adjuster. Then, unwind the bolt that holds the end of the cable at the caliper. Pull the cable, so the pads create a little friction when scrolling the front wheel. Check the mechanism by pressing the brake lever and turning the barrel adjuster, so the pads do not rub against the rim now.

If you press the brake lever and the pads don’t press on the rim at the same time, you need to know how to center bike brakes. To do this, use a shaped screwdriver to tighten the adjustment screw on the brakes. When you tighten the screw, the pad will move away from the rim, and when you unwind, the pad will be pressed down.

Congratulations, now your transport is serviced and ready to go. However, make a test run with a sharp use of brakes, imitating an emergency to make sure that everything works correctly and reliably.

Now you know how to adjust bicycle brakes yourself. You will be able to do this at no extra cost. What’s more, you’ll gain experience over time, and it will only take a few minutes of your time. If you can’t do it yourself for some reason, you can go to your bicycle shop. Safety comes first.

If you do not want to get your hands dirty and service cables several times a month, you can change the type of brakes. Disc brakes are more reliable and do not need your frequent attention. However, the price of this option is much higher and if you still need to adjust them, a couple of minutes and an Allen key will not be enough.

It’s not just caring parents who have to worry about bike brake adjust. Any type of bicycle ride needs speed and wheel spin control. It doesn’t matter how long you ride or what kind of bike you have. Pay attention to your cables and pads, it may save your health.

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