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How Do Sweaty Workout Clothes Affect Your Skin Condition?

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Summer is raging outside and now any cyclist sweats a lot more than even a month ago. This begs a question – is it safe to wear sweaty workout clothes after the ride and how they affect our skin condition?

Sometimes there’s no possibility to change your soaked sweat clothes. You may be out in nature or participating in a marathon with no spare clothing. You can be distracted by something urgent or not so.

But anyway you may wear your sweaty workout outfit for hours after or during the ride without changing it. And considering this summer’s heat rate such behavior can turn out into something problematic.

Prolonged sweat’s impact

Prolonged sweat’s impact on our skin can cause serious dermatologic issues according to Whitney High, M.D., who specializes in dermatopathology at the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital. Sweat by itself includes numerous toxins that accumulate in our bodies, fatty acids, salts, phosphates, and sulfate compounds.

These elements are natural particles of our bodies but they can cause skin irritation and fungal infections while affecting the skin during sweating. Workout outfits are often made of synthetic and dense fabrics which are very bad for naked skin. These fabrics don’t let the air go through them creating extremely humid and warm space around your skin.

Sweat cannot dry under such conditions which are a breeding ground for numerous skin and fungal infections. Fungus, dermatitis, skin irritation, disrupted skin’s microbiome and acne are only a few possible consequences.

It’s better to let your clothes dry out and then put them on again if you don’t have spare clothing. It is okay to put on sweaty but now dried clothes although it’s much better to take a shower and then change your outfit.

The best way to prevent possible skin-damaging is to choose only ventilated clothes which don’t detain the moisture. You can sweat a lot in summer and you will but you should always remember that prolonged moisture effects can cause serious problems with skin health.

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